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Introducing Our Intensify Scholar: Abby Page

Mar 2, 2018

What is your startup?
My startup is an online platform (website) that allows local florists to sell fresh, bespoke flowers directly to customers via an online marketplace. Give Flowers empowers local florists to reach more customers directly (rather than via a relay service that takes up to 50% commission) and embrace technology to capitalise on the growing online flower market. Give Flowers will also help to educate partner florists on how to effectively differentiate and market their businesses on and offline in an increasingly competitive market. From a consumer perspective, Give Flowers will offer a superior online user experience, better value for money and a one-stop shop to purchase quality flowers for delivery, with the guarantee that they are created by qualified local florists.

What was the inspiration behind your startup?
Firstly, as someone who loves flowers and buys them regularly, I was sick of having a bad user experience online due to out of date technology and, in some cases, no ability to buy online from my local florist. As I started to research the industry, I learnt more about the problems in the industry from both a florist perspective and a customer perspective and became very interested in how these problems could be solved.

I found a few really interesting start up’s in other markets and became increasingly interested in the concept of online marketplaces the current lack of digital disruption in the flower retailing industry. After many go/ no go conversations with myself, I recognised that there was a gap in the market – I could help to empower local florists and add value to their businesses – and the idea for Give Flowers was born. My big picture vision is to build a values-based company with a high level of staff engagement where people love coming to work…this is the grand plan!

What are your goals for the next month?
There are several key objectives I have for the next three months. Firstly, to get the legal, financial, business structure and IP elements of my startup locked in. This will involve meeting with the relevant professionals and making some key decisions. Secondly, map out the process of building my technology platform and begin the early stages of the planning process, including working on drafting the specs for the platform and making some early stage decisions around how to approach the build. Thirdly, I will continue to validate the idea with florists and build relationships within the industry and integrate customer feedback into my planning processes. I’m also keen to build relationships at Spacecubed and in the tech startup scene in Perth.

Where do you expect your startup to be in 3 months time?

In three months time I am planning to have commenced the build of my platform and have done considerable work on my go to market strategy. I will have verified my concept with a good sized customer base and should have a high level of confidence that my platform, once complete, will meet my customers need. I will also have commenced building a detailed understanding of my customers customer ( people who buy flowers) to inform marketing and communications strategies. I’m sure I will face many challenges to get to this point but am excited about the journey!