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Intensify Scholar – Asha Stabback

Aug 24, 2018

What is your startup? 

Power of Circles is a collaborative community for members looking to embrace equality and drive change. The intention is to have regular networking events, personal and professional development workshops and seminars and smaller circles for people looking to bring about change in their lives and are supported to do so through connecting with others.

What was the inspiration behind your startup?

My strengths are in bringing people together and I am passionate about equality however I can see a lack of skills and support for people looking to bring about change in their lives. There is a wealth of knowledge and expertise out their yet we live in our insular world – I see a need to reconnect with our own vision for our lives and collaborate with those around us also looking for inspiration, support and together, we will generate the energy necessary for equality.

What are your goals for the next month?

Create my business plan! I have an abundance of ideas and enthusiasm yet details isn’t a strength of mine so I am looking to develop a cohesive plan so I can truly see my ideas come to fruition. I also want to get started on my website and overall branding/design. I will be starting a blog and will be posting a weekly update so there should be 4 updates within a month.

Where do you expect your startup to be in 3 months time?

For my business to be launched, the website created and for the first of the training programs to be held. As a stretch goal, it would be incredible to have also formed at least one of the smaller circles created with a central theme around equality.