How we’re helping small businesses pivot their strategy around COVID-19

Join us in supporting small business owners through this challenging time, and help us thrive post COVID-19.

Mar 30, 2020

While the safety and well-being of employees is the first priority, many startup founders, business owners, and corporates are facing similar challenges regarding the current changes happening across Australia. That’s why Spacecubed have launched #AdaptDontStop, a campaign to shine a light on these founders who need support to pivot their existing business strategy in order to survive during this time of uncertainty.

The premise behind #AdaptDontStop is simple. Business as usual is set to change, forever, so how can we adjust our business strategies (that we spent all of December 2019 creating!) to be agile in this new way of working. To assist in this transition, Spacecubed will be acting as a facilitator and conversation starter around challenges many of us are facing.

Founders and business owners who wish to be involved in the campaign, either by sharing their current situation or providing insights into thriving in the digital world, will be able to access an online “post-it board”. Just as you would in an office setting, this online board allows you to easily create a new post, and place it anywhere on the board. Others will be able to respond to you, and you can respond to others, creating a collaborative brainstorming session for all.

In addition to this, Plus Eight will be facilitating a series of workshops to support entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals in the wake of COVID-19, where participants can create new strategies and validate new business models within the digital world. These workshops are free to attend, simply click here to RSVP.

Finally, if you’re in need of further support, you can reach out to with your challenges, and we can pair you with our network of volunteer mentors who will be able to assist. Alternatively, if you’d like to volunteer as a mentor during this time, please let us know, we’d love to have you onboard. 

For more information regarding #AdaptDontStop, or if you’d like to help us spread the word, click here.