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How Team Desking at Spacecubed can Drive Business Development

Aug 19, 2022

Team desking and hybrid rotating is a flexible system that combines the benefits of working from home, with the creativity and collaboration that working in a shared space has to offer. With this flexible model, you can create a rotation roster with your team, where you can decide who comes in and uses the space on what days- regardless of whether you're in a flexible private office, or in open-plan desks..

The flexibility of working in a coworking environment is incomparable to your traditional office, and here at Spacecubed we offer a lot more than just a desk. Not only does working in a collaborative space like ours allow businesses to support their workers by providing them with an adaptable environment, but it also provides workers access to a creative hub. This offers members endless opportunities to get involved in community events and network, fostering their professional development.

Our three flex spaces, Riff, Fern and FLUX, located in the heart of Perth CBD are designed with the goal of creating spaces that encourage productivity and bring people together, while also offering businesses their own privacy via private offices. Whether you’re looking for a coworking space, resident desks, a private office or a community membership- everyone has a space here.

So how can flexible spaces and options support your businesses development?

We pride ourselves on being genuinely flexible, and are able to offer a range of options to members depending on what they are wanting to get out of the space. Here at Spacecubed, we believe that you should pay per desk, not per person, which is why team desking is such a great idea for businesses to utilise. Teams switching between days in the office allows for an increase in collaboration, productivity and creativity, whilst also offering rent-relief on businesses, which is an added bonus.

The abundance of networking events and opportunities available to members is what sets Spacecubed apart. Here, we are heavily community focussed, which is why we are always hosting events in our space and trying to get the community involved. Whether it’s our weekly Happy Hour, our monthly Networking Evening or a range of other panels and our 20+ Meetups we host on a regular basis, we always have something going on in our spaces and encourage everyone to come along. Being able to network at these events, whilst also working in a space surrounded by other entrepreneurs allows you the opportunity to build key contacts to help aid in your businesses development.

Spacecubed has worked alongside some of the biggest organisations in the startup, private and government sectors to deliver high-value programs supporting projects from early inception, to high growth startups. Key programs include Plus Eight, the Innovative Society Initiative, and She Codes Australia to name a few. To view the full list of programs, and learn more about how to get involved to help your businesses grow,  click here.

If you want to explore our space and see if our flexible workplace is right for you and your team, why not come down and test it out. Come along to our upcoming Coworking Open Day, taking place on Thursday 8th September at FLUX. This is a great opportunity to explore the groundbreaking facilities FLUX has to offer, meet like-minded business owners and interact with the Spacecubed community. To learn more and RSVP your attendance, click here.

Alternatively, if you’d like to book a free tour and explore our flexible membership options and how we can cater this to your needs, you can book a tour of the space here.