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How Spacecubed member, Lailei Huang is empowering local communities with AI & XR

Jenna Roberts
Jul 9, 2024

Lailei Huang brings a diverse background, combining academic research in Artificial Intelligence at HKBU with hands-on experience in software engineering for mobile and XR app development through his previous startups. He has also worked in community capacity building with emerging technologies in collaboration with multiple city councils.

Discussing his background, Lailei shared, “My entire life, including my university education, research, and professional career, has been rooted in the tech industry.”

Lailei joined the Western Sydney Startup Hub, powered by Spacecubed, after receiving an Impact Scholarship. This opportunity allowed him to use our coworking space to develop innovative methods for immersing communities in the rapidly evolving world of technology through the Australian Immersive Education Academy.

Since 2016, I have been pioneering and demonstrating innovative ways to play, learn, and create with AI and XR technologies. Through hands-on, engaging experiences, I'm democratising access to these cutting-edge technologies, helping local communities prepare for the era of Artificial General Intelligence,” revealed Lailei, who is continuing his journey as a full-time Spacecubed member.

We asked Lailei what he enjoys most about the Western Sydney Startup Hub, where he shared, “It's a fantastic place with great facilities, but more importantly, it houses a vibrant community of changemakers.”

“I've already started building new relationships, brainstorming new ideas, and delivering meaningful new programs,” he continued.

During the Celebrate Parramatta North festival, Lailei presented Seeing isn't Believing: An Immersive Exploration of Generative AI and Deepfakes, showcasing how you shouldn’t believe everything you see online. This session served as an introductory AI experience for many members at the Western Sydney Startup Hub, and Lailei eagerly anticipates deeper engagement within the local innovation community.

We asked Lailei how he believes technology is going to develop over the next few years, and he shared the following.

“The biggest technology trend is, without a doubt, the quickly approaching era of Artificial General Intelligence, followed by Artificial Super Intelligence. The speed of this development has surprised even the smartest people, like Geoffrey Hinton (the Godfather of AI) and Bill Gates.”

Lailei’s research shows that society and local communities are not prepared for this shift, further explaining, “to grasp the potential impact, consider the first industrial revolution's impact on 18th and 19th century society. If that feels too distant, think about the digital revolution of the late 20th century. How different is today's life compared to the 1980s, 1990s, or even early 2000s?”

“The transformative power of the current wave of technologies is likely to be at least double, triple that of previous ones, and the speed of change is significantly faster. As a matter of fact, AGI has been called mankind's last invention,” he continued.

Lailei’s predictions of rapid technological advancement on a large scale drives him to immerse himself in the community and explore further ways to prepare society for these changes.

As he continues his journey at the Western Sydney Startup Hub, Lailei is keen to collaborate with other Spacecubed members, learn from diverse perspectives, and contribute to the local innovation ecosystem.

“I look forward to meeting everyone at WSSH, learning more about them and their businesses, and potentially doing some cool stuff together at this exciting time,” concluded Lailei.

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