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How Servian acquire the right talent to grow their West Coast branch

Feb 17, 2022

Servian was founded in 2008 on the belief that talented technologists matter, and with an excellence first approach plus a growth mindset - technologists could grow into their career without needing to give up their technical skills. “The business was built on word of mouth and over time as data projects successfully delivered, the company branched out to AI & Machine Learning, Digital, Customer Analytics. More recently as Servian pivoted clients to the cloud, additional expertise was developed in DevOps/SRE and Cyber security.” Ryan Faulds, Talent Acquisition Specialist shared.


“We had a number of requests for work in Western Australia, and we thought we had something to offer technologists based in Perth,” He continued. “Our ambition has been to combine Servian’s 14 years of experience, our IP, and our leading training culture to provide a platform for Perth’s brightest technologists to help companies in Perth get agility and scale from cloud and data.”


Within 12 months, the Perth team who are located at Fern, powered by Spacecubed, has grown to over 20 employees and they have already worked with some of WA giants as well as exciting up and coming digital natives and other enterprises.


“We have a strong belief in creating an environment where talented people want to come together and collaborate. I think our identity of being passionate problem solvers goes a long way in attracting the right people.” Ryan shared. To build the right team, and scale at such a rapid rate, Servian focuses on being proactive in the market and engaging with communities to provide a sense of what they have to offer as an employer and as a team.


When asked how being a part of the Spacecubed community has helped their local team, Ryan shared that a coworking arrangement was not only the best choice to manage their team scaling, but the reason Spacecubed was the best choice was because as a new entrant to the market they felt that Spacecubed was the most connected to the Perth business community. “It offered us an opportunity to network and become more integrated into the Terrace. That as well as the great office space and amenities at Fern!”


Like many businesses, COVID-19 has provided both challenges and opportunities for Servian. “For example I know of a number of fantastic candidates globally who would like to call Perth home, but with border restrictions it has proven extremely difficult. The same thing with recent changes to the subclass 190 visa, the Western Australian government has been inviting people to apply for the 190 visa and a shorter process to Permanent Residency. However, the border closure has proved difficult to actually get people across. We are a modern business with a fantastic work life and working from home balance, however it's always key for the culture of any organisation to have time together as a team in the one room.”


When asked about the future of Servian, Ryan shared that it will be full of growth and fun! “We have a lot of fun at Servian, and although we are a 900+ strong person business, over in Perth we are just getting started. So we tap into the wider Servian communities where it makes sense, but also have a great, fun Perth office culture. We hope to double in size across the next 12 months as we continue to do more work for more clients in cloud and data projects in the WA market.”


To find out more about Servian and the work they’re doing throughout the world, check out their website here. Or, if you’d like to align your business with great local teams, founders and individuals just like the growing Servian team, talk to us today. We have a range of flexible options to support you as you scale your offerings. Email us at info@spacecubed.com or discover our memberships available here.