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How Milind Yedkar, Co-Founder and CEO of AccuPredict Services is revolutionising Predictive Maintenance in WA through the Perth Landing Pad Program

Nov 13, 2023

The Perth Landing Pad program is designed to help high growth international startups and scaleups expand their business into Western Australia, allowing them access to online resources, coworking, events and personalised mentoring.

AccuPredict Services has dedicated over three decades to perfecting the science of Predictive Maintenance, and has a customer base spanning an array of industries from engineering and power generation to chemical processing, shipping and wind power. With a global reach extending from India to the Middle East, Africa, Europe and the United States, AccuPredict Services is looking to expand to West Australia through support of the Perth Landing Pad program.

We recently sat down with Co-Founder and CEO, Milind Yedkar who shared with us his business journey, how he aims to expand into WA and what he’s looking to achieve through the program.

Discussing his business journey, Milind shared that he worked in a number of roles prior to co-founding AccuPredict, including in supply chain, marketing, sales and management. Working for Global Fortune 100 Corporations, Milind’s work led him around Asia, starting in India and onwards to Japan, China and Singapore.

“As I began thinking about the endgame, there was one role that I realised I had not been able to accomplish, which was being an entrepreneur, and this was looming large on my bucket list.” Milind shared.

During the midst of COVID, Milind set a plan to launch a global service offering Predictive Maintenance, as he recognised that market needs were increasing in developed countries due to a rapidly ageing population.

“Technology pieces were falling into place with availability of ubiquitous 4G networks; shrinking and powerful IoT sensors and availability of cloud based computing. We decided to act fast by incorporating & launching AccuPredict and going global.” He shared.

When asked what expanding into Western Australia looks like to him, Milind shared the following.

“Establishing a business starts with securing commitment from a few users to test our solution. Our experience is that once a customer sees how accurate our predictions are, they want to expand rapidly to cover their mission critical equipment.”

“Then, as we grow the customer base and the number of equipment we are supporting, we will need to appoint service engineers to support existing customers as well as field engineers to do demonstrations and set ups for new customers.” He added.

When asked about his goals for the Perth Landing Pad program, Milind expressed his desire to engage with as many mining companies and mining service providers in WA as possible.

“As a part of the program, I’m hoping to create meaningful connections within the mining industry, and provide demonstrations on live equipment so potential customers can see how valuable our services are.” He concluded.

If you’re an international startup founder looking to scale into WA, applications for the Perth Landing Pad program are now open. To learn more and apply, click here