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How Laia Font de Mora Monferrer and her business is scaling to new heights through support of the Perth Landing Pad program

Dec 15, 2023

The Perth Landing Pad program is designed to help high growth international startups and scale-ups expand their business into Western Australia, allowing startups access to online resources, coworking, events and personalised mentoring.

We recently sat down with Laia Font de Mora Monferrer, Founder of Laia Content Studio and a part of the Perth Landing Pad program. Below she shares how her business journey began, what she’s hoping to achieve through the program and what expanding into WA looks like to her.

When discussing her business journey, Laia shared that it all began in March 2020, when she was based in Spain.

“I decided that I want to open my own business to help small businesses and startups communicate their brand. You might think it was the worst time to open a business right as the world went into lockdown, so did I. However, the covid crisis turned the digital transformation into a must for every business, and this shift played in my favour.”

“I had a great experience during my time in Spain, but due to personal reasons, I relocated to Perth in March 2021. It was a difficult decision to move, and I spent over a year working with my clients in Spain remotely. In 2023, I made the decision to expand my reach and rebrand the company in order to enter the Australian market. This is how Laia Content Studio came to be.” She added.

When asked what she’s working on at the moment, Laia shares that she has focused her work on social media management, as it’s an aspect that she’s found the most enjoyable.

“I still provide other communication services, including copywriting, EDM management, corporate presentations, and event management.” She added.

When asked what she’s hoping to achieve from the program, she shared the following.

“I aim to comprehend the communication requirements of businesses in Perth to offer them the most appropriate services. Additionally, I'd like to explore potential collaborations and connect with the amazing companies and startups on their growth journey in Perth.”

When discussing what expanding her business in WA looks like, Laia shared, “Though it may be difficult, I am excited about the challenge of building connections in Perth. I’ve noticed that making connections is so important here, and this is something that I struggle with and love at the same time.”

In January 2024, Laia will be participating as a mentor in Spacecubed's Office Hours program, made possible thanks to the support of the City of Parramatta Council. If you'd like to connect with Laia to ask for specific advice and discover new opportunities for your business to grow, you can book your free 1-1 mentor session here.

If you’re an international startup founder looking to scale into WA, applications for the Perth Landing Pad program are now open. To learn more and apply, click here