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How Spacecubed members, Rapid Teams have shown adaptability in the wake of COVID-19

Feb 2, 2022

Rapid Teams started in late 2018 and have since grown year on year. “We aim to be the highest quality team building provider in Western Australia.” Angus shared when asked about the early days of the business. With a background in corporate education, he saw the gap years ago with team building programs not having genuine workplace impact or crossover.

“Companies were wasting money on pointless activities and then wondering why there was no change back at work. That’s where Rapid Teams is different. We bring a consulting element into the process, understand the desired outcomes and then customise each program for the client.” He continued. And the response so far? Angus shared that it’s been amazing, offering a genuinely professional option in a previously unoccupied space.

“Currently, on top of our regular programs (face to face), we’re delivering our 5 day Rapid Teaming Online program a lot. This is a live team building program with leadership case studies. Kind of like a game mixed with a course. Teams love it because it is 100% practical and pushes collaboration in a fun way.”

These online programs have become the norm in the wake of COVID-19, and they show the adaptability of many businesses. “We are also doing a lot of interactive digital keynote sessions,” He continued. “We take all of the best bits of our workshops and team games, and deliver them as a digital keynote.”

In addition to these programs, Angus and the team at Rapid Teams are also about to launch a 6 week Team Leader program which will set leaders up to be change agents. “This empowers the manager to roll out a series of actions over a 6 week period whilst being coached by Rapid Teams, and will become a big focus of 2022 as the current landscape may prevent onsite workshops however teams will still want to do something to foster connection, collaboration and celebrate success.”

When asked how having a CBD presence helped the business, as opposed to working from home, Angus shared that it’s been a great space for their team building workshops with clients as well as a central hub for consultants in the CBD. “We work with a lot of the larger companies so that usually means most of the discovery or preparation meetings are held in the CBD. Working from home as a startup is tough so it’s a welcome change to be surrounded by a professional community.”

“Personally it’s the social side of things as well as access to great facilities that make Spacecubed a great place to call home. We’ve been at FLUX since mid 2019 and I’d recommend it to all early phase startups.”

So, what’s next for the future of Rapid Teams? Angus shared that the future involves further combining behavioural leadership and team building programs to improve team culture.

“The environment (COVID wise) usually dictates the medium or mode of delivery. The last 2 years have been amazing for us both with online programs and keynotes in USA, Singapore, Japan and Eastern Australia, as well as being able to deliver our original core offering here in WA.”

“In 2022 and beyond, we will have a greater focus on live online culture boosting workshops or a hybrid of part online, part face to face delivery.”

To find out more about Rapid Teams, head to their website or connect directly with Angus on LinkedIn. Or, if you’re looking to join the Spacecubed community, speak to our team today.