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HBF Activate info night: your questions answered

Aug 24, 2018

Through a series of masterclasses and workshops, an intense 54-hour long hackathon, an application stage and accelerator programme, the HBF Activate programme will transform simple ideas into real-time, innovations, solving some of the biggest challenges the Australian health system faces today.

After a very successful information night, here are some of the most common questions asked about the HBF Activate programme, and our answers to them. HBF Managing Director Rob Bransby and Tom Riordan, Spacecubed's Programmes and Partnerships manager combined to give the following answers;

Who’s the programme for?

The programme is for everyone, from techies to doctors, non-techies to policy makers, everyone has experience health care and thus the programme is accepting of all industry types, experience levels and backgrounds. If you have an innovative solution for the health care system and are looking to transform your ideas into a flourishing local business, then this accelerator is for you.

If you don’t have an idea, or if you’re not part of a team already, then fear not. The beauty of the HBF Activate programme is that it will encourage collaboration and the formulation of ideas, teams and concepts, before the real business takes place. The masterclasses, hackathons and workshops are perfect events for you to meet fellow entrepreneurs, conceptualise ideas and formulate teams. 

What are the overall themes to the programme and what types of ideas are you looking for?

The HBF Activate programme is about finding any solution to any challenge facing the health care system. Preferably, there will be some element of digitisation in the solution, an app, a website, a booking system or platform; but ultimately, any solution cuts the mustard, so long as it sets about innovating health, we're happy. The programme will be based on four main themes below;


What does the hackathon entail?

A hackathon is essentially a 54-hour event where problems get solved. Turning up to the hackathon as individuals or in groups, you will be required to formulate teams, find a theme or challenge you wish to solve, and trial every solution possible to come up with a fool-proof concept. At the end of the fun and productive weekend, you will have a great sense of what it takes to transform your idea into a business, and make it a successful startup.

What support will my idea receive should it be chosen into the HBF Activate accelerator stage?

With the guidance of HBF, participants will base themselves on level 9 of Spacecubed and be awarded $30,000 seed funding in return for a 6% stake in equity. With a direct investment into your startup, your journey on the accelerator programme based at Spacecubed will include second to none expert mentorship, workshops and your very own desk to collaborate, innovate and cowork at Spacecubed.

Where can I register?

The winners of the programme will be announced in mid September and from there, they’ll undergo the accelerator programme at Spacecubed ready for the final products to be marketable by December.

The first of three masterclasses will be held at Spacecubed next week.

Register for the programme's first masterclass here.

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