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Hackathons 101: Perth's newest hackathon and HBF Activate

Aug 24, 2018

If you do know what a hackathon is, then we look forward to seeing you at our HBF Activate hackathon at the end of this month - Register here.

We know it’s cool, but what exactly is a hackathon?

A hackathon is essentially a workshopping session where people from all industries, sectors and experience levels collaborate on solving real life challenges with real time data, resources and ideas.

Often themed, the events take place usually over the weekend whereby individuals arrive on an opening night to hear about the challenge themes and form teams by collaborating and networking with like-minded budding or established entrepreneurs, industry experts and business minded participants from all backgrounds.

HBF Activate and Hackathons

Coming soon to Spacecubed, HBF will host its first ever hackathon, in preparation for the HBF Activate accelerator programme in mid September.

This health themed hackathon will take any solution to any challenges facing the health industry, be it from a technological angle, to an economic solution or even a policy approach – any solution seen to be innovating the health industry will be accepted.

A proven method for success

“Hackathons have been a successful tool for new idea generation at Spacecubed and provide the perfect opportunity to validate ideas and build an early prototype in a collaborative and fast paced environment… Newton Labs formed is an example of this, forming at Unearthed’s first hackathon, and now a business with a WA Innovator of the year award under their belt; showing the potential of 6 months worth of progress in just 54 hours,” Spacecubed Programmes and Partnerships Manager, Tom Riordan said.

The idea is that the hackathon will be the fertile soil for innovative health solutions to grow, before the HBF Activate programme begins. Keeping collaboration as the central component of finding the best innovations, HBF and Spacecubed aim to nurture early stage businesses as a product of the event - and in turn, encourage their taking part in the accelerator programme which will see HBF invest $30k for a 6% stake in equity. Any ideas are welcome, including pre-developed concepts looking to innovate. 

Register for the Hackathon quick (spaces are limited)

The HBF Activate hackathon will follow on the weekend of the 28th August, and this event is already hugely sought after. Spaces are already being taken so register here quick to attend the event which could open doors for you innovating health.

Register here.