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Greg Allan Awarded National Electrician Of The Year

Mar 2, 2018

Around 15 Australians are killed by electricity every year; Greg believes that most of these are preventable and is working on limiting this number. If more electricians and businesses understood electricity confidently, and have the tools to communicate the risks, we can almost eliminate electrical fatalities and house fires nationally.

That’s where Greg comes in. Over the course of his career, he’s hired more than 50 “qualified” electricians, about 90% of which had a similar apprenticeship to himself. They had worked alongside tradesmen who were too busy to teach, and for businesses who focussed not on important training, but on cutting costs.

Unlike Greg however, these electricians didn’t go and educate themselves on important concepts about electrical safety and a huge commitment was required to bring those electricians up to standard. As a national board member of Master Electricians Australia, he discovered that electrical business owners across the board were crying out for support and accessible training.

Greg then created the Electrician’s Success Academy, and online platform which supports more than 300 electricians and businesses nationally. A number which Greg hopes to grow into the thousands over the next year.Through this platform, Greg is hoping to create a shift in attitude within the industry’s 70,000 practitioners.

If you’re interested, tune into the Electrician’s Success Podcast, which provides experience, support and guidance to  to tens of thousands of electricians and electrical businesses globally. You can find out more at the Electricians Success Academy here or at Response Electricians here.