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Get to know Tommy Dam, one of Spacecubed’s Impact Scholars at the Western Sydney Startup Hub

Jenna Roberts
Jan 22, 2024

At Spacecubed, our commitment to fostering local entrepreneurship and driving positive change is embodied in our Impact Scholarships, which empower visionary founders to leverage our cutting-edge coworking space and tap into our vibrant startup community. 

At the Western Sydney Startup Hub we sat down with Tommy Dam, who is currently based in the space on an Impact Scholarship to get to know him better and discover what he’s currently working on.

With a professional background in Chemistry, Tommy is also an avid lover of nature and is deeply passionate about helping the environment. “Circular economy and sustainability are very important to me,” Tommy shared.

Tommy’s Impact Scholarship has allowed him to access boundless opportunities within the space, where he has been able to spearhead a range of diverse projects ranging from aquaculture, supply chain management, business investment analysis and even protein bars. 

The Western Sydney Startup Hub’s coworking space has also allowed Tommy to focus on working on his own website and blog, as well as developing his own quality management systems infrastructure so that he can work as a quality consultant.

“The facility has given me the opportunity to work on projects that I cannot do elsewhere such as at the workplace or at home,” he shared.

We asked Tommy what he has enjoyed most about becoming a Spacecubed member and he expressed how great it’s been to get to know other like-minded entrepreneurs, partake in networking events and bounce around business ideas with other members.

Being a part of Spacecubed’s startup ecosystem has not only helped Tommy broaden his horizons, but help fuel his ambitions for 2024, as he’s gearing up to explore international business opportunities and forge connections with overseas suppliers.

Tommy expressed that 2024 is a year of transformation, with a goal to gain more certifications, especially internationally recognised ISO certifications, and move away from being an employee to a business owner.

“This year I hope I can detach from my regular 9-5 job and start my own small firm providing quality consultancy to start ups, small and medium businesses in NDIS, Manufacturing (food, medical device, active pharmaceutical ingredients) and Clinical Trials,” Tommy concluded.

If you have an early-stage startup or business idea and are not sure how to get the cogs turning, apply today for our Plus Eight Impact Scholarship. You can learn more and apply here.