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Get to know Carsona Founders, Desiree Louis and Ali Al-Asadi, who are part of Phase One of Plus Eight Accelerator program

Sep 18, 2023

Carsona is powered by a sophisticated algorithm that focuses on the lifestyle and interests of its users to find the perfect car for customers. This idea was sparked by Desiree Louis and Ali Al-Asadi who believe that current solutions in the car market lack innovation and overwhelm consumers during the search process, particularly those with limited car knowledge or who aren't up-to-date with the latest trends.

Their business journey took off at the 18th Techstars Startup Weekend, which took place at Spacecubed last year. “Startup Weekend provided us with a 54-hour incubator weekend to build and refine our business ideas, laying the foundation for a solid business plan.” They explained.

Extensive market research raised the challenge of entering a competitive market that had been developing for years, but Desiree and Ali also identified a clear need for innovation, sharing that their strategic positioning allowed them to accommodate the demand effectively.

Carsona has grown rapidly throughout Phase One of the Plus Eight’s Accelerator program, with the founders discovering a “profound passion for knowledge and learning.”

“The program's impact on mentorship and the engaging week of conversations has been pivotal, fostering our growth both as founders and within our business.”

We asked Desiree and Ali what they look forward to the program, and they told us, “We eagerly anticipate the opportunities to learn, grow, and embrace the valuable insights this program offers for our continued development.” 

Carsona’s approach centres around personalisation and understanding that buying a car is a unique journey for each individual. “Our mission is to revolutionise this process by putting the user at the forefront and crafting a seamless experience that tailors to their wants and needs.”

The founders shared some insight into choosing the brand’s name Carsona, which represents a fusion of one’s persona and lifestyle choices with their ideal vehicle.

“What initially began as a playful idea quickly gained traction, surprising us with the overwhelming response from people who embraced their Carsonas and found it immensely helpful in narrowing down their car choices.” They shared.

The business has recently launched its BETA version which has provided valuable user feedback. Desiree and Ali are determined to enhance their offerings further and have exciting plans to introduce new features and improvements. 

The enthusiasm and support from our users fuel our passion to continue making Carsona an even more indispensable tool for car buyers, transforming the way people find their perfect ride,” finalised Desiree and Ali.

The Plus Eight Accelerator program is one of Australia’s leading accelerator programs, helping local startups scale globally through seed funding, international immersions and world-class mentoring. To learn more about the program, click here.