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Get to Know Spacecubed Member, Huey Le, Founding Director at Successengine

Jan 23, 2023

Meet Huey Le, Founding Director at Successengine and one of Spacecubed’s first Western Sydney Startup Hub members. Successengine is a specialist Customer Success recruitment agency which exists to help businesses build their Customer Success strategy, as well as help professionals grow their Customer Success career journey. We recently sat down with Huey to ask him about his business and what he’s working on in the space at the moment.

When asked how his business journey began, Huey shared that it began not too long ago.

“I had been working in the tech industry for about 7+ years for companies like LinkedIn and Zoom. I was one of the first employees on the ground at Zoom and built and led the 'Customer Success' team.”

“Prior to that, I was a recruiter, and fast-forward to today I now run a Customer Success Recruitment and Consulting agency where I partner with local startups and scale-ups to help build their Customer Success strategy and teams.” He continued.

When asked what he’s working on at the moment, Huey expressed that he’s currently working on reinvigorating the local Customer Success community, which he created with a few friends back in 2018.

“The LinkedIn community group has about 1,800 members and is growing every week. I'm looking at running regular monthly events to bring the community together and I'm also looking at building partnerships with universities to elevate the role/career of Customer Success.”

We then asked Huey about what drew him to the Western Sydney Startup Hub.

“The location. It's great to see Western Sydney finally being recognised as a potential tech startup hub. I also love being part of something new.” He stated.

To conclude, Huey expressed that he'd like to offer all community members a free 1-hour Customer Success consultation, which is aimed at anyone either running or building a tech company. To learn more about Successengine, click here, or to get in contact with Huey, click here

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