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Meet Spacecubed member, Adarsh Dutt, the visionary behind Oyster Hub's global impact

Dec 27, 2023

Redefining financial empowerment for startups and small businesses, Oyster Hub is driven by a vision to fill a crucial gap in the financial industry. Going beyond standard accounting tasks, Oyster Hub specialises in automating processes, providing cost-effective CFO services, and offering strategic advisory support to empower small businesses to thrive.

Adarsh Dutt, Co-Founded Oyster Hub 6 years ago with the aim to give small business owners the ability to realise their full potential and optimise their capabilities to impact and influence the world

Calling the Western Sydney Startup Hub their home, throughout 2023 Adarsh has been able to scale Oyster Hub greatly. Operating seamlessly across borders, from Fiji to the Philippines and India, they’ve achieved remote and cloud-based efficiency.

“Scaling Oyster Hub alongside our sister company, Oyster Care, with a 300+ staff increase post a successful business takeover, our community-focused approach has woven a network within the ecosystem. This showcases the impactful business strides we're making, building relationships and leaving an indelible mark.” Adarsh shared.

When asked what the most valuable part of being a WSSH member is, Adarsh shared, “the true gem lies within the WSSH community itself, it’s a collective of visionary startups and entrepreneurs crafting disruptions.”

“Here, we weave a tapestry of shared ideas, fostering a familial culture that serves as a crucial support mechanism for our mental well-being. It's not just a network; it's an inspirational ecosystem where like-minded minds uplift each other.” He continued.

Adarsh has also participated as a mentor in Spacecubed's Office Hours program, supported by the City of Parramatta Council. This program is designed to connect mentors, investors and advisors to business owners across Australia for free through 15 minute 1-1 sessions.

When asked what he enjoyed most about mentoring in Office Hours, Adarsh shared, “it's always fulfilling to contribute my time to Spacecubed's Office Hours program as a mentor. Having been a startup myself, I understand the challenges and obstacles on the path to success.”

“Sharing my experiences, I guide startups through their business ventures, offering insights gained from navigating the same journey.” He added.

Looking forward, Adarsh shared that their goals for 2024 is to empower their existing team, facilitating their transition into leadership roles.

“As an organisation, our strategic focus is on collaborating with the community in regional NSW, working towards community-focused goals. We aspire to contribute to closing the gap and supporting the First Nations community through educational and mentorship programs.” He concluded.

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