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From global success to local impact: Eacon Mining’s journey through the Perth Landing Pad Program

Aug 3, 2023

Elaine Jin, Chief Operating Officer of Eacon Mining is a recent participant of the Perth Landing Pad program, supported by the City of Perth and Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation. The program, run by Spacecubed, is designed to support international startups and scaleups expand their venture into Western Australia by providing access to coworking, community and mentorship.

Established in 2018, Eacon Mining has a goal to make mining safer and more environmentally friendly through autonomous haulage.

“Currently, we have deployed over 70 autonomous haulage trucks in China, including two coal mines and one quarry. In the quarry, we have taken a significant step towards emission reduction by utilising a fleet of 20 fully electric autonomous trucks for transportation across the entire mine.” Elaine Jin, Chief Operating Officer at Eacon Mining shared.

“With the maturation of our autonomous haulage solution, we have started seeking opportunities in international markets this year, with Australia being our top priority. While continuing to expand our autonomous haulage fleet in China, we are dedicated to reducing emissions.”

“The newly deployed trucks are either hybrid or fully electric, and we are also collaborating on autonomous haulage with hydrogen-powered trucks.”

For Eacon Mining, expanding into WA involves capitalising on the region's robust mining industry, favourable regulations for autonomous haulage, and strong trade relations. The Perth Landing Pad program will help them build connections with individuals involved in the Australian mining industry, and explore their market-entry strategy alongside the programs Mentor in Residence, Tristan Senycia.

“With the mentorship and connections provided through the program, we aim to learn and understand the local market.” Elaine shared.

“The number of autonomous haulage fleets in Western Australia is globally leading, and there is a positive attitude from the industry. The government regulations in place are also comparatively well-developed.”

“However, despite the abundance of mining operations in WA, the penetration rate of autonomous driving technology is still relatively low. We believe that this presents us with significant opportunities to bring greater value to mining companies in the region through our solutions.”

“Through expansion, Eacon Mining is dedicated to haulage innovation, sustainability, and efficiency in the Australian mining industry.” She concluded.

Eacon Mining are currently looking to hire local engineers and project managers to aid in localisation and commissioning efforts. If you’re interested in this opportunity, you can contact them directly via email.

If you’re an international startup or scaleup looking to expand into Western Australia, applications are now open for the Perth Landing Pad program, supported by City of Perth and Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation. To learn more about our different cohort streams and apply, click here