Meet Braden Smith and Ryan Smith, Founders of QUAX

Co-founders of QUAX, Braden and Ryan, share their startup journey with us below, including their dream to create Australia’s largest online wealth management marketplace by digitizing personal tax compliance and wealth for the average person.

Jun 23, 2020

After successfully reaching Phase 2 of our Plus Eight Accelerator Program, we sat down with QUAX founders to hear more about their journey, and how QUAX came to be.

When asked where their entrepreneurial spirit was formed, Braden and Ryan’s mum reminded them of when they were young and asked every neighbour on the street if they could borrow their lawns on Australia Day, charge the punters for parking for the day per car and give the neighbours a cut of each car park sold.

“We did that every year from the age of about 8-15 and made a considerable sum each Australia Day that we would squirrel away between us and use for trips to the arcade, secret cans of coke and curly wurlies.” Ryan shared.

Then, in 2015 the boys joined forces to service different areas of Perth with Ryan’s full suite mobile accounting business. They shared how clients loved their on demand service between 7am and 9pm, 7 days per week and that they would meet them in the comfort of their own homes. 

“The business scaled rapidly just from word-of-mouth referrals and pretty soon we were unable to keep up with admin duties, ATO/client correspondence and mobile appointment services.” Braden shared. “So, enter Quax - the solution whereby we could use web/mobile tech to allow clients to autonomously book an appointment with an accountant of their choice, at a time, date and location also of their choice.” 

“The key thing we are hoping to gain from the Plus Eight program is to be able to tap into the programs mentors and alumni to help our business scale and grow across Perth, and then help us take those lessons across to the Eastern states.” Braden tells us. “As a relatively young Founder/CEO in terms of years and experience, I would like to tap into those who have gone before me and "been there, done that" and learn to take the next step from early stage startup to distinguished and mature company, first nationally and then internationally.”

When Ryan was asked the same question regarding program benefits, he shared. “What I am looking forward to gaining from this program is input, guidance and suggestions from a diverse group of business people that have been there before. There are areas within our business that Braden, myself and management lack expertise and experience in, so being able to pull upon the network provided by Plus Eight to support us and learn from is invaluable.”

He continues, “Regardless of success in the program and the obvious benefit of capital influx, the intangible benefits of the program are what will be most beneficial long term.”

With a goal to make quality financial services accessible and available on demand for the everyday person, with a consumer first focus so that no matter where you are in the world, someone can help, Braden and Ryan applied for the Plus Eight Accelerator Program. “Myself and my co-founders vision for the business in the long-term is clear, however what we need help with and will seek expertise from the program is the strategic roll out of that vision so we can achieve our dreams.” Braden shares. 

To find out more about QUAX, visit their website here and stay up to date on Plus Eight social media by following @PlusEightAU to see more inspirational founder stories like this!