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FLUX hosts #UberIceCream 2016 event in Perth

Aug 24, 2018

In Australia, each ice-cream Uber sells, will contribute to supporting OzHarvest, a food rescue organisation collecting in-date, excess food from more than 2,000 supermarkets and retail stores. Providing the much needed assistance to the disadvantaged,

 OzHarvest is the only food rescue organisation in Australia collecting surplus food from all types of food providers. And by teaming up with Uber, for every tub purchased, five meals will be pledged to feed people in need.

#UberIceCream will be serving the citizens of over 400 cities worldwide with indulgent ice-cream, and the Perth event launched this morning at Perth’s newest coworking space, FLUX.

FLUX, launched in partnership with Spacecubed and Hawaiian, is opening fully on Monday 18th July, but due to a special request by Uber, the former Spacecubed members will be using the new basement space as their inner city headquarters for the #UberIceCream event. Volunteers and employees will periodically return to FLUX after a welcome session in the morning in the new basement space, which saw over 100 people attend.

The idea behind the event transforms Uber’s app into an ice-cream ordering service. To order your ice cream, simply log onto the Uber app, order your ice cream in the same way you would order Uber transport and wait for it to be delivered. For $15, you will be served with a half-litre tub in one of three flavours created by celebrity chefs including, Matt Moran’s banoffee crunch, a spiced cookie and caramel swirl by Neil Perry and caramel and walnut baklava smash by Masterchef's George Calombaris.

Orders are being taken from 11am and you can head to the Uber website to find the locations they deliver to.

So join us for a global ice cream social on Friday. Indulge in a sweet treat with your friends and share with the #UberIceCream hashtag - keep up to date with the event on twitter @space3ed and @uber