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FLUX Graphics Artworks Competition

Aug 24, 2018

FLUX is a coworking space used by corporates, freelancers, small businesses, innovators, entrepreneurs, not for profits, creatives and startups and it’s the artist's mission to create a wall mural which will engage, inspire and capture the diversity and creativity in the FLUX environment.

The Brief

Step One: Choosing the space

Each artist is tasked with coming up with one design for one of the spaces at FLUX listed below:

FLUX Basement, which is a 'Space and Astronomy' themed area


FLUX Level one, which will be 'Ground'  themed

Keeping in mind the themes, the artist is tasked with creating a wall mural which will inspire entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity in Perth’s largest coworking space. The mission is to design and create a wall mural which will ultimately establish a sense of community in the space the artist chooses.

The artists are encouraged to browse the Spacecubed and FLUX blogs and websites in order to capture the culture and atmosphere of the new business environment. By downloading the Artist's Pack’ below to gauge how FLUX will look upon completion, artists can design their work according to the culture of the new coworking environment.

In the ‘Artist’s Pack’ there are also floor and elevation plans complete with the dimensions of each wall in the selected space, as well as photographic renders giving the artist an experience and connection to the new space.

Click here to download the Artist's Pack and see the specifications of the project

Step two: submitting the artwork

The artists are then required to submit their final designs using the form below, telling us what inspired them to create their piece and how it relates to the FLUX experience. How will the artwork engage and inspire, people using the space, to be creative, innovative and establish the potential for their businesses to grow?

Step three: creating the artwork

The entries close on the 5th of May, and two artists, one with a Basement design and one with a Level one design will be chosen as finalists to come in to FLUX and bring their designs to life with materials provided.

Prizes and Adjudication

After submitting their artwork designs, the successful artists will win the creative license to bring their design to life on the selected wall in their chosen area of interest at FLUX (Basement or Level One).

As well as winning a $2000 first prize and $1000 second prize, the artist will showcase their work in FLUX for many years to come.   

Submit your artwork designs using the form below and good luck!

This competition is now closed