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Finding the right fit for the right job with Covocate

Aug 24, 2018

The HR Startup founded by Les Delaforce and Darren Harlock out of the shared frustration with existing employment hiring methods and the inefficiency of waiting until interviews to really find out who candidates were have progressed greatly in the last year.

What do Covocate do?

Covocate measures applicants for compatibility with a specific role, based on the best proven predictors of workstyle, engagement and productivity. As traditional screening mechanisms often disadvantage non-traditional applicants; Covocate screens candidates based on attitudes, experience, values and qualifications.

By getting the right people in the right roles for them more often, they simultaneously improve the following key components to the field of employment relations;

  • Equality in the hiring process by removing several sources of unconscious bias
  • Human happiness by avoiding soul destroying document based screening
  • Business productivity by getting more workers engaged and productive worldwide

“Currently people are recruited based on their technicals skills and merit but not necessarily how they fit within the organisation,” said Mr Delaforce, formerly the youngest manager out of 4500 staff at 26 years old in the Derpartment of Corrective Services (WA Gov), and winner of an Australian Institute of Management 30 under 30 award.

As an Aboriginal man hailing from New South Wales, Gumbaynggirr man Mr Delaforce relates his belief in Covocate's ability and proven match algorithms which take into account more than education and qualification, to his own experience in job hunting, volunteering with Aboriginal programmes and mentoring.

“Being told when you’re a young Aboriginal kid that you’re not going to go anywhere created a sense of drive within me to help all people find their best possible career path and job,” Mr Delaforce continued.

A year on...

Often qualifications outweigh experience and Les Delaforce and Darren Harlock have made it their mission over the past year to blur this boundary. Now used by the National Disability Service and over 120 health and disability organisation in Western Australia, Covocate have just signed with one blue chip mining company, as well as scheduling trials with several large national corporate companies in the coming months.

You can find out more about Covocate and see how they’re levelling the playing field for all candidates to find the right job here.

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