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Exciting new benefits for Spacecubed members with the launch of FLUX

Aug 24, 2018

The biggest change to all memberships is that all spacecubed members will have access to the unique new space located at 191 St Georges Terrace. FLUX will feature five new meeting rooms, coworking, resident desks and office spaces, as well as dedicated areas for events. Also at FLUX will be the CORE resources innovation hub and a technology specific maker-space called SOLDER aimed at building physical prototypes and hardware, complete with 3d printers.

How each individual will access both Spacecubed and FLUX will depend on their specific memberships, and below is a quick outline below:

  • Community Members: All community members will be able to use their one day a month coworking, utilise their meeting room discounts and access events at either FLUX or Spacecubed. Joining Spacecubed as a community member will grant members access to anyone of Spacecubed’s spaces, including FLUX, as they come online in the future.
  • Coworking: As a Spacecubed coworking member, part-time or full-time, 20% of a member's time can be used at FLUX, and vice versa for FLUX coworking members. This means that if a member wants to use more than 20% of their time in one dedicated space, they will have to register for a coworking membership with that space. Pricing for these spaces will be released mid-June when the coworking space at FLUX opens.
  • Resident Desks: Usually, resident desk memberships dictate which space a member will be located due to the permanency of their chosen work environment. However, holding a Spacecubed resident desk membership will grant a member access to coworking and discounted meeting rooms at FLUX.
  • Organisation Membership / Partners: All partners and organisation members seeking the use of the FLUX space will be required to contact the Spacecubed team to discuss the options available.  

Spacecubed’s mission is to support Western Australia’s Entrepreneurs, Innovators and Changemakers and FLUX is another way in supporting this. Along with FLUX, there are other great projects, programmes and events on the horizon, all supporting this mission.

Come and see how you will benefit from the Spacecubed community.

For more information on these updates, contact us or click one of the options below to book a tour or become a Spacecubed member