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ECU students access real industry-experience through Spacecubed and ECU’s Work Integrated Learning Program

Jun 13, 2023

This year, Spacecubed have partnered with ECU to launch a Work Integrated Learning Hub in Perth CBD, allowing our members from varying industries the opportunity to work with current or graduating students on an internship basis, supporting them in finding real-world industry experience.

Throughout Semester 1 of the program, which recently concluded, students experienced what it’s like to work alongside our industry members. They were also able to create strong relationships with professionals by getting involved in events and opportunities Spacecubed has to offer, including networking events and community breakfasts. 

Below, Konrad and Shuto, who took part in the internship program, share their thoughts.

Konrad, Business Administration Intern
“My favourite part of working in the space was definitely the community aspects. The proximity to all kinds of new and interesting startups and people was great.”

“Throughout the internship, I worked on general administration duties, and was also introduced to project management. I’ve also been able to learn and understand how to effectively use various new softwares.”

“The biggest things I’ll take away from the internship would be all the critical insights on how a small business functions and proceeds in its every day operations.” Konrad concluded.

Shuto, Marketing Intern
“One of my favourite aspects of working in the space was the overall working environment. It's really comfortable to work because of the great amenities and atmosphere.”

“Throughout the internship I worked with my supervisor on digital marketing, such as content creation for social media, as well as looking at analytics.”

“I attended a few community events and I thought they were a great opportunity to talk with the team and meet other members from varying businesses in and around the space.”

“Looking back on my internship, I have learnt many things. For instance, writing tone and  persuasive and informative writing skills. Through specific feedback I’d get, it was a great opportunity to learn how to improve my skills.” Shuto concluded.

With Semester 1 of the program having come to an end, students overwhelmingly stated that they feel more confident now entering the professional workforce due to the experience and connections gained throughout their internship.

On the other hand, through feedback from Spacecubed members who took part in the program, 100% of members said they would recommend this program to other members.

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