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CORE Resources Innovation Hub launching in July 2016

Aug 24, 2018

The potential to sustain the economy now the mining boom is over, is there to be seized, but how do we focus our efforts on taking these business opportunities in the most efficient way possible?

Spacecubed has been supporting a community of entrepreneurs and innovators over the past four years making inroads into providing sustainability and growth for a diverse range of local businesses.

During which time, Unearthed has scaled their hackathon and challenge programme internationally, aimed at solving some of the biggest challenges facing the resources sector today.

Both companies have now joined to establish CORE - Perth’s dedicated space for innovation in the resources sector.

Surrounded by some of the world’s leading resources and technology companies, CORE is Perth’s technology and knowledge hub for entrepreneurs, operators, suppliers and researchers to connect and collaborate on innovative resource challenges. These companies will serve as advisors, mentors, investors and customers, making CORE a place where resources-focused technology startups form, develop and thrive.

Located at FLUX, 191 St Georges Terrace, the industry specific space supports the vision of WA as a global resources innovation hub. It’s a place where resources-focused technology startups, businesses and industry leaders can thrive, experiment and find new solutions to complex problems innovatively.

This is a dedicated space and network for entrepreneurs, companies, service providers and researchers to co-locate, collaborate and innovatively find solutions out of critical problems faced by the resources industry in Australia and globally today.

You can read the full information on CORE Resources Innovation Hub here and to get involved before it opens in June you can:  

Come along to CORE and Engineers Australia's event, Taking the next step... further study options for engineers, register here: snip.ly/mdlvm  

Register with Tamryn Barker to visit CORE on a pre-build tour - tamryn@corehub.com.au

If you are an entrepreneur or part of a startup working on challenges in the resources industry and would like to base yourself at CORE contact Tamryn Barker - tamryn@corehub.com.au

If you are part of a mining or oil and gas company, supplier or investor who would be interested in partnering with CORE contact Tamryn Barker - tamryn@corehub.com.au