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Cordially App Head to San Fransisco with Plus Eight

Jun 4, 2019

1.How are you feeling in the lead up to the trip?

In the lead up to the trip I felt a mix of excitement and nerves, I also didn't really know what to expect and the thought of this intensive two week experience seemed daunting at the time. I knew I would be paying an opportunity cost by being away from my dogs and partner to potentially secure larger things for us in the future, so I wanted to ensure I came away with something worthwhile.

2.What was your biggest learning experience during the trip?

Probably during the communication workshop, I learnt a lot about myself and where I was at in my life. It also helped me to develop more self awareness and active listening practices and has improved our cofounder relationship drastically as a result.

I also had a realisation that I was much closer than I thought to securing some key goals for the company and myself, hearing from people who have been through the entire process and now have complete freedom in their lives was inspiring.

3.What was the most valuable lesson or piece of feedback you were given?

That you can pre sell your product before its built and the real number on financial freedom is a lot lower than you think.

4.What was the most productive meeting/event you attended? Why?

On the final day we met with a large property management software company and discussed a channel partnership in the US where they agreed to trial our product for their two million properties and if all going well would sell our product under their name. This one deal would be life changing if all goes well.

The other was with two mentors of the program and they were able to break down a vision and strategy for high level enterprise sales that we previously didn't think possible.

5.Tell us a story about one of the events you attended.

We went to this really cool improv class and it brought everyone out of their shells and really connected to group. They were doing these amazing things like both predicting what the other was saying at the same time and telling this crazy story to celebrating our failures with this eccentric bow and noise to reprogram our brains.

We had to walk around like hunchbacks and pitch our companies sounding really flat and depressed and then pitch it standing upright and with a positive charismatic attitude to feel the difference. It was awesome. We also pitched our companies to each other and had to pitch the other persons company back to them.

6.What would you recommend for people considering doing business in the US?

I actually now some amazingly talented people here in Perth that would give the top level Americans a run for their money. Suggestions would be reach out to everyone, you would be surprised who would give you some time.

The majority of investors will invest in American companies only which means you would need to be registered there although their are many exceptions for this.

I think the biggest takeaway is if you are keen to move over, do it and give it a shot.

7.How are you feeling post trip? What’s next for your business?

Feeling great post trip, there really isn't any place like Perth and I have a newfound appreciation for everything here. I feel rejuvenated and have come back more bold and decisive, it has increased my scope and cemented our product and roadmap to the market which is very exciting.

What's next for us is building our remote rent inspection tool for property managers where renters take the photos of their rental and property managers review remotely, saving them large amounts of time and money. We have begun the early stages of building our product and are in the process of signing up agencies. We have renamed the company to Cordially from Perch and are completing a re brand.

As a result of the trip we have landed on our product and are now rapidly moving forward to revenue.

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