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Community Spotlight: Tamsin Sykiotis

Mar 1, 2018

How did your startup journey begin?

My startup journey has only really just begun. I'd been dwelling on ideas for a while but it's only been in the past month or so that I've had the headspace to embark on this exciting new journey.


What are you working on at the moment?

I'm working on an online platform (Paper Circuit) that will link secondary schools to external markers for exams and assignments. I'm a high school teacher and the difficulty of connecting with reliable markers has been a constant source of frustration. I'm hoping to be part of the solution! I envisage many benefits for teachers and students alike if Paper Circuit can get off the ground.


What do you hope to get from the Spacecubed community?

So far I'm finding myself much more able to concentrate in the productive atmosphere that Spacecubed cultivates. I'd like to meet people with diverse interests and skills... I'm sure I've come to the right place! 


Who would you like to connect with most?

Those with technical skills who could help me turn my vision into a practical reality. I'd also be grateful for any sort of legal or tax advice. In return, I can offer insights into the education sector.


Can you share with us a success story you've achieved from when you started this project?

I've built my first basic website. It's a start, at least. 


What do you hope to achieve in 2017?

I intend to research the viability of Paper Circuit and, if the validation phase proves promising, I hope to begin recruiting schools and markers by the end of the year. 


Please welcome Tamsin into our Community, as the newest Intensify Scholar!