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Community Profile: Elizabeth Knight founder of Purposeful

Sep 25, 2020
How did your startup/business journey begin?

I am the founder of Purposeful which is a social enterprise helping school leavers to find direction, purpose & meaningful work. My journey began when I graduated from high school, and like many of us, was completely overwhelmed and directionless when it came to figuring out my future. I couldn’t bring myself to put my head down for another three years at university, only to reach the end of my degree still not having a clue! I was involved in Bloom, which is an incubator program catalysing the next gen of entrepreneurs, and realised for the first time that I didn’t have to choose a career pathway for myself, instead I could create one around a problem I was passionate about. Purposeful was born from that experience. 

I think a more important question is probably, why have I kept at it? I’ve kept going because of the people I meet every single day, whether I’m getting a haircut, at a party or catching up with a long lost friend for coffee - that I am reminded constantly of how big this problem is, and truly how desperately not just young people, but all people are in need of a way to find purpose and get in the driver’s seat of their futures. 


What are you working on at the moment?
This year has been a lot of experimentation and growth for Purposeful. I’ve had a 100 participants come through two pilot programs of Unwritten, which I am consolidating and intend to scale early next year. I’ve also been securing relationships with innovative schools for 2021 who are looking to reinvent their careers ed process. Excitedly looking to grow my team in the next month too!


What do you love about being a part of the Spacecubed community?

Being a solo founder can be a pretty isolating experience, especially in 2020! I honestly just appreciate the fact that as a result of being in the space, I’ve reconnected with so many people who I wouldn’t have had a reason to otherwise. Not to mention, that having an office that isn’t in my bedroom is a pretty big perk.


Can you share with us one of your favourite success stories?

The achievement that I am most proud of is simply that I’ve continued to show up and carve out my own career path driven by my own passions and purpose. When times get tough, which is often, knowing that by persevering I am showing other young people that is possible too is what motivates me the most.


How have you adapted post COVID-19?

COVID has been such an epic opportunity for Purposeful! I’ve found the changes in education to be hugely positive, there has been such a swell of momentum for a more purposeful and passionate approach to preparing young people for their futures. Not only has it had major ramifications for education, it has forced me to take the leap and create a scalable, digital offering and experience from day 1. It’s meant that I’ve had people take part in my programs from across the globe. 

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