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Community Focus: Ivan Darazs Director of Veritruss

Aug 2, 2019

1. How did your startup/business journey begin?
Veritruss began with two individuals that shared the same passion for providing a quality service in the fitout industry. Our business took careful planning from the early stages of its conception. The name “Veritruss” was created through an online competition at “Squadhelp” and our logo was chosen out of the many submissions from creative minds at “99designs,” which was a fun and exciting process as this was the beginning of something big! 

The name Veritruss is an amalgamation of the word “Veritas” (Latin for truth) and “Truss” (a supporting structure) which communicates who we are and what we do - our business is a company built on truth and trusting relationships with a strong foundation.

Once the fancy stuff was finalised, lots of meticulous planning had to be done with the Business Plan, forensic accounting (cashflow modelling), financing, builders registration, legal, insurance, development of systems and processes, as well as marketing. We spent a lot of time ensuring that every aspect of our business was properly established to ensure that we had the best start.

2. What are you working on at the moment?
We are currently completing a project for the WA Police, which involves the refurbishment of the main lobby and common areas, as well as the construction of a complete new entry, security booth and upgrade of the services and CCTV equipment. We’re also completing a few other projects for some of our valued clients, including office fitouts and refurbishments. There are also many exciting opportunities that we are working on in the pipeline, such as building refurbishments, office show suites, hospitality, education and government projects.

3. What do you love about being a part of the Spacecubed community?
We enjoy the flexibility, atmosphere and the people! It’s great to be able to socialise and interact with the various different community members as well as the Spacecubed team.

4. Can you share with us one of your favourite success stories?
One of our favourite success stories is formation of “Apple.” While Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak had been friends since high school, the two college dropouts gained considerable exposure to the computer world while working on game software together. They made their idea come to life and even had some failures early on to become the success that Apple is today. As we are a very new business, only 4 months old, we hope to continue our journey and create our own “success story” which we plan to measure against how fulfilled we are in achieving everything that Veritruss has been set out to achieve.  

5. What do you hope to achieve in 2019?
We hope to continue delivering amazing spaces for our clients and establishing a name among the industry that is associated with quality people and quality service. We would love to hit all of our targeted milestones and have fun along the way.

If you’re interested in connecting with the team at Veritruss, and finding out more about how 2 friends that shared the same passion have created an amazing business plan together, you can reach out to them on LinkedIn or visit their website to learn more.

If the story behind Veritruss inspired you to kickstart your business, book a tour of the space today and find out how working alongside a community of like-minded individuals can help your startup grow.