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City of Canning announce the third year of their Plus Eight partnership

Feb 3, 2021

The Canning Business Mentoring Program (BMP) is designed to support business owners no matter what stage of business they’re in. Whether you’re looking to Start a new business, Sprint towards growth, Surge powerfully forward, or Sustain your current business, sometimes all you need is a little guidance. 

For business owners looking to Sprint towards growth, the Plus Eight six week pre-accelerator program is ideal. This skill building and business growth program that’s run as part of the BMP is exclusive and free for businesses that are owned or operated by City of Canning residents. It connects participants with a community of successful mentors, investors and advisors, helping them take their business idea to the next level by providing the content and environment to grow.

The Sprint program works with four main pillars:


We've sourced the most experienced business mentors, investors and advisors to guide you throughout Sprint. Each week new mentors will share their experience and wisdom, giving you the opportunity to learn from those that have been there and done it.

Actionable Content

Everything we cover through Plus Eight Sprint can be directly applied to your business and will have a noticeable, positive impact regardless of where you are in your journey.

Peer-based Learning

We believe some of the best opportunities to grow as a new business is by learning from other businesses going through a similar journey. Sprint provides lots of opportunities to connect and learn from other new businesses going through the program, and emphasises peer-based feedback and reflection.

Community & Connection

It takes an entire village to raise a business. We believe being part of a strong community of like-minded business owners and advisors makes you a stronger entrepreneur and gives you the environment for your business to succeed.

Over the 6-week Sprint program you will have the opportunity to focus on your business through a practical curriculum of topics critical to any successful new business . By the end of the program you'll have a stronger business and be a stronger business owner.

Following completion of the program, all participants join our esteemed Plus Eight alumni, including past City of Canning program participants, Megan Del Borrello founder of Behind the Brands, Amanda Walker founder of WA Home Stay, Peter Dean chairman of DimSum Australia and Olga Abbott founder of Thimble Studios. Watch this video to hear their experience in the program, including what they enjoyed, what challenged them and where they are now.


Come along to the Canning Business Mentoring Program information session on 10 February to meet with each of the program providers and find out more about what each program has to offer. 

Details of the City of Canning Information Session can be found here.