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Celebrating Small Business Day in WA with the Spacecubed community

Oct 29, 2019

As a ‘Think Small First' movement aiming to raise awareness about small business in Western Australia, we’re proud to support Small Business Day which is all about celebrating passionate entrepreneurs, changemakers, freelancers, small business owners and more.

Without the support of local communities, our economy wouldn’t survive, and with more than 210,000 small businesses in WA, it’s more important than ever to think small first and get behind the small businesses in your local community. From tradies to retailers and service providers, small businesses are everywhere and they’re vital to our vibrant, diversified economy.

So, tell your friends and tell your family, because if we each spent just $10 a month at a local small business, we could contribute to providing a financial boost of $216 million annually to the small business sector in Western Australia! And that’s a huge amount that we should feel honoured to have the ability to be a part of.

Spacecubed Senior Manager, Kali Norman, is passionate about supporting innovators and changemakers across WA, and giving back to the local grassroots community. “I think it’s really important to give back, and make sure we play a role in making sustainable changes to our buying habits so we can contribute to the growth of our economy.” 

Join us this weekend, and every weekend after that to encourage West Australians to think small first. It’s as easy as buying a birthday card from a local newsagent rather than a large supermarket, seeking out a business that offers something unique or even buying from small businesses that support local events and charities. 

If we all make these small changes, together, we can build a better future for WA.

And let’s start by shining a light on some of the incredible small businesses in our community!

House Digital; Jo Minney

Jo Minney, Digital Happiness Manager at House Digital, supports small businesses as an Australian Small Business Advisory Services (ASBAS) advisor, providing new websites, digital marketing strategies, e-commerce solutions and much more.

Rapid Teams; Angus Firth

Angus and the team behind Rapid Teams work across Perth and all over WA by delivering experiential team training or team-building workshops and activities outdoors, indoors and in virtual reality.

Open Up Podcast; Lachlan Samuel

Lachlan and the team have been working towards making mental health mainstream, through the Open Up Podcast, live speaking and facilitating workshops for FIFO workforces to help remove the stigma of mental health issues amongst the FIFO community.

To show your support, join the Spacecubed team, and Small Business Development Corporation by snapping a selfie of yourself in a small business near you, or with your purchase, and use the #smallchangewa hashtag to show your support.