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Celebrating B Corp Month; Everyday Action at Spacecubed

Jul 5, 2019

Born as a social enterprise, Spacecubed is driven by creating tangible social impact in everything we do. As a Certified B Corp, we are proud to be part of a community of companies developing better business practices, creating new ways to measure success, working with dignity and purpose, and using business as a force for good. We believe that being part of the B Corp community will accelerate and scale our impact to a global community, well beyond our footprint.

For the month of July, businesses around the world are highlighting what it means to be a B Corp. At Spacecubed, we’re excited to be a part of a movement that focuses on the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability, to showcase how we’re Building Better Business for a Better World.

From Beyond Bank Australia to Patagonia, 4 Pines Brewing Company to Ben & Jerrys, B Corps form a community of leaders and drive a global movement of people using business as a force for good. Being legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment, B Corp Certified Businesses are working to create an inclusive and sustainable economy that works for everyone.

Spacecubed are excited to be certified alongside these leading businesses, and we’re delighted to participate in B Corp Month to celebrate the impact each company is having on not only their own communities, but the larger ecosystem.

B Corp companies are required to meet several criteria for certification, and to fulfil our commitment to provide a collaborative community of young entrepreneurs, Spacecubed includes several initiatives that are highlighted below; 

Impact Driven

With local and regional initiatives, including Plus Eight, Perth{Web}Girls (built to provide pathways for women into tech) and MeshPoints (our Regional innovation program encompassing coworking and collaborative projects from Port Hedland down to Bunbury), we’re able to support business growth daily. We have worked alongside some of the biggest organisations in the startup, private and government sectors to deliver high-value programs supporting projects from early inception, to high growth startups.

Community Events

Weekly, fortnightly and annual community events keep our members motivated and connected. With Friday Drinks, Community Lunches and Member Only Events on top of our usual roster of meetups and panel talks, we’re able to foster a community that cares about collaboration and innovation. This is where the founders of companies such as Humm, VGW, and Cribber began their startup journey.

Collaborative Environment

At its core, Spacecubed established to support entrepreneurs and innovators coming up with new ideas and approaches to tackle Australia and the world’s social, environmental and economic challenges of the next 50 years. Our main goal is to reduce the time it takes for a person to take their idea to market. This is achieved through collaboration between members, and a strong network with access to mentoring programs and scholarships. Spacecubed is a full ecosystem developed to support entrepreneurs, small businesses and innovators no matter what their focus area.

Keep an eye out for more blogs during July as we discuss what it means to be a B Corp Business!

If you’re looking to join a community that fosters growth and supports startups across WA, get in contact with Spacecubed today.