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BOOSTED Product Management Series with Phil Claxton & Eric Kuhn

Sep 19, 2018

Join us for a series of Product Management masterclasses and events presented by industry leaders Phil Claxton &Eric Kuhn. With a strong focus on product and growth in each of their fields, these exclusive workshops and events are not to be missed by product leaders, growth marketers or SAAS teams that are looking for an edge in building recurring revenue for a SaaS and/or mobile first company from startup to scale.


PHIL CLAXTON,  formerly of IT Glue headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, is an expert in product development for SaaS startups. Responsible for driving IT Glue's global customer base from 700 to over 2000 businesses, a 400% increase. It is now used by over 30,000 IT professionals worldwide. He is the former Chief Operating Officer for this high growth organisation in the Software as a Service(SaaS) space and is the Co-Founder of DeskDirector, SaaS start-up concentrating on disrupting traditional customer experience within the world of IT.

Phil specialises in B2B, marketplace and Platform SAAS Product Design and Development Processes, Product Marketing, Growth and Infrastructure required for scaling businesses, and Building the required product teams. 

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ERIC KUHN , co-founder of Finch, secialises in early stage Mobile Product Management, Rapid New Product Development, and Scaling Mobile Businesses, Eric is a seasoned product executive whose apps have garnered over 15 Million installs, two of which rank in the top 50 overall. In Perth for a short period, this is an opportunity to learn from one the industries leading experts.

Eric specialises in b2b and b2c Mobile Product Management, Design and Development Processes and Mobile Growth Marketing required for scaling businesses, and Building the required mobile product teams.



Boosted Product Workshop 1: SAAS & Platform Product Management with Phil Claxton
Thurs 18th May | 1.00pm-5.00pm 
FLUX - Hinkler Boardroom (Basement)
This 4-hour workshop dives into the following topics in depth:Role of a Product Manager and Product TeamsProduct Ideation - collecting ideas the right wayProduct Idea Prioritisation - determine what features take priorityProduct Development - best ways to build and release features

Fireside Chat with Phil Claxton
Fri 19th May |  12:00pm-1.30pm
FLUX - Basement
An alternative option for those unable to attend the workshop the day prior. Enjoy light refreshments and listen to Phil Claxton's take on SAAS & Platform Product Management

Fireside Chat with Eric Kuhn
Fri 2nd June |  12:00pm-1.00pm
FLUX - Hinkler Boardroom (Basement)An alternative option for those unable to attend the workshop the day prior.Enjoy light refreshments and listen to Eric Kuhn's take on Mobile & B2C Product Management.

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Boosted Product Workshop 2: Mobile & B2C Product Management with Eric Kuhn
Fri 2nd June | 1.00pm-5.00pm
FLUX - Hinkler Boardroom (Basement)
This 4-hour workshop dives into the following topics::Customer - Discovery, Validation, Development & BuildingProduct - What does a Product Exec do? What does Product Org look like? Mobile ProductMobile Product Process - Building & ManagingDefinition of Success - KPI's, Data and ReportingProduct in Small and Big OrganisationsCorporate Innovation

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