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B Corp Month, Week 2: Shining Light

Jul 15, 2019

Supporting 100,000 startups, entrepreneurs and innovators by 2025 is what Spacecubed is focused on achieving. This mission is built on the foundation of delivering social impact building a robust ecosystem for entrepreneurship and innovation in WA. Without the Spacecubed community and broader groups of partners and collaborators, this would not be possible.

Spacecubed’s social venture activities and commercial growth capability are supported through the formation of two entities, Spacecubed Foundation Ltd and Spacecubed Ventures Pty Ltd. As a social enterprise, Spacecubed Foundation Ltd receive a flow of funds from Spacecubed Ventures Pty Ltd on a quarterly basis, which allows us to focus on our social impact activities.

Matt MacFarlane, a member of the Spacecubed board, shares with us, “We are excited by the opportunity Spacecubed Ventures Pty Ltd provides us to work directly with our members and ensure Spacecubed is geared to grow and reach our mission of developing over 100,000 entrepreneurs, innovators and changemakers by 2025.” 

With a goal of supporting entrepreneurship and innovation through spaces, community, learning and programs, Spacecubed Ventures Pty Ltd focuses on creating pathways to entrepreneurship for youth through work integrated learning and internship programs directly with universities across WA.  

In addition to this, Spacecubed Ventures Pty Ltd has auspiced MeshPoints to provide regional innovation programs and help their innovation hubs build capacity and support local ventures. In supporting organisations and events, including the Indigenous Mapping Workshop, West Tech Fest, Startup WA and XR:WA through promotion, sponsorship, knowledge sharing and provision of event space, we are able to assist in the growth of the WA innovation ecosystem.

Chandra Sundareswaran, Spacecubed General Manager, shares with us his thoughts on this week’s B Corp topic. ”Our passionate team are the driving force behind our commitment to social equity and we are constantly searching for innovative solutions to foster social impact through entrepreneurial activity.” 

If you’re interested in being involved, please reach out to chandra@spacecubed.com to find out more. Alternatively, join the Spacecubed community by booking a free tour of the space here.