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A Night of Tech Talks with JuniorDev

Mar 25, 2019

So, who are JuniorDevs? This new community is built around junior developers with anywhere from 0– 3 years of experience. No matter your professional background, Junior Devs are everywhere! Whether you’re interested in Computer Science, Engineering orIT, a self-taught coder or a hobbyist, anyone, at any technical level is welcome.

Hosting four amazing speakers who will each be sharing their stories on getting started with React, Flask, JavaScript Animations and Image Optimisation, attendees will be able to listen, learn and discuss tech topics with industry professionals.

As an excited sponsor of the event, Spacecubed are delighted to host the team of Junior Devs as they bring to WA an exciting opportunity for all.

With Anton Ball covering Image Optimisation, Alice McCullagh getting creative with JavascriptAnimations, Inaie Ignacio diving into React, and Perth newcomer, Hayley van Waas running us through Flask, you’ll be spoilt with first-hand knowledge in the industry.

Continue reading below to learn more about our four incredible speakers.

Hayley van Waas,
Aa a freelance software developer, Hayley has experience in Python Programming,Web Development, Data Analysis and Visualisations, as well as experience working in the Education sector with a focus on Computer Science Education.

Inaie Ignacio
Inaie is a senior software engineer whiz spreading nuggets of coding gold through a number of applications over the past 18 years. Prepare to be amazed by her knowledge of React as she takes you through the main components: View,StyleSheet, TouchableWithoutFeedback, Image, Text, Button and ScrollView.

Alice McCullagh
As a software developer for Readify, Alice’s main focus is on delivering front-end software products to clients from a range of industries. She will be getting creative with Javascript Animations, providing you with some incredible insights.

Anton Ball
Anton is a creative UX technologist who prides himself on the delivery of robust, high quality and technically beautiful web and software solutions. While covering ImageOptimisation, Anton will share his ideas of the importance of structure, clean code, web standards, accessibility and optimised web development.


Excited to have both Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Mechanical Rock onboard this year to support the Junior Developers, integral to the continued success of the community, and awesome Riff space!

Register for tickets here and get ready for an amazing night of tech talks!