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A Letter from Spacecubed Managing Director and Founder, Brodie McCulloch

Aug 14, 2019

I am excited to share the growth and impact Spacecubed has had over the past 12 months and where we see future impact and growth coming from. This impact wouldn't be possible without our dedicated and driven Team, Board, our many supporters, partners and of course, our members and community. Without our community seeing what is possible, and working each day to deliver on empowering change, we wouldn't be where we are today and so well setup for future opportunities to deliver more value to members and the community.

The last 12 months has provided an opportunity to refine how Spacecubed delivers value to our members with the completion of both FLUX and Riff along with the expansion of a range of programs of support. It has also given us the opportunity to invest in our platform which we see as an opportunity to drive value to our members both inside and outside our spaces. Delivering on our purpose has clearly been demonstrated through our focus on Spaces, Programs and Platform which we intend to grow further in the coming years.

With the finalisation of our hybrid social impact structure, we have locked in Spacecubed’s social impact purpose through both a foundation and a ventures arm of the business. As Spacecubed Ventures grows, so will the Foundation, and allow us to continue to support entrepreneurship in education and increasingly larger projects that have a significant impact in WA and beyond.

I am proud of the growth and impact demonstrated in this report and all the people and groups that came together to make it happen. In the seven years since Spacecubed started we have seen considerable change and I am really excited about the next seven years and the potential for our spaces, programs and platform to increase our impact. I look forward to you joining us on that journey.

To download the full 2018-2019 Annual Report, please click here.