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100 members in 100 days begins today

Aug 24, 2018

As FLUX opens we are seeing a lot of interest in Spacecubed and are excited to announce that we are offering memberships with exciting new member benefits for a limited time only. This means that by joining as a Spacecubed Community member, you will be able to access both Spacecubed and FLUX along with new spaces as they come online in the future.  

As a coworker of Spacecubed you will be able to use 20% of your membership time at FLUX and vice versa for FLUX members - conveniently set up so that if you have a meeting at either side of the terrace, the Spacecubed and FLUX spaces will serve as perfect hot desking zones.

This June we’re starting the 100 members in 100 days challenge, driving awareness and providing a reduced membership cost before they increase on the 4th year anniversary of Spacecubed, and at the FLUX Launch Event at the end of July.

If you’re a startup, developed business, freelancer, photographer, health professional or corporate looking to source your creative intrapreneurial talent, Spacecubed is the place to start.

The Spacecubed Community can help grow your ideas and make them ready to market and connect you with the network, mentors and support to drive your ideas forward.

Join the community today for $300pa (Increasing to $350 pa at the end of #100in100).


Book a tour of Spacecubed and FLUX or signup for the #100in100 price for a limited time only.