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Spacecubed Supports Young Entrepreneurs Academy WA in Empowering Tomorrow's Entrepreneurs

Pascal Zoghbi
Dec 19, 2023

The Young Entrepreneurs Academy Western Australia (YEA WA) has officially launched, advancing the support for young entrepreneurs and innovators in our state. Led by Curtin University, this academy has been established to support WA’s young people in learning the skills, tools and mindsets for entrepreneurship and business building.

YEA WA was proudly awarded under a $200,000 Catalyst Create grant through the Innovative Society Initiative, backed by Lotterywest. Aligned with the Initiative’s mission to build a stronger culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in WA, YEA WA is collaboration between Curtin University, the Malka Foundation, Spacecubed, St Catherine’s College, All Saints’ Beyond Boundaries Institute, and the Education Department.

The Academy aims to become a central hub for entrepreneurial education by assisting teachers in acquiring the skills to effectively teach entrepreneurship. Additionally, it aims to establish connections between schools and startups, providing a practical understanding of entrepreneurship. The Academy is dedicated to encouraging schools to integrate essential skills for starting businesses into regular classes, ensuring a comprehensive and accessible approach. Ultimately, YEA WA aspires to inspire young minds by encouraging them to contemplate future-focused careers, nurturing a generation of innovative thinkers and aspiring entrepreneurs.

YEA WA was officialy launched at West Tech Fest by Minster Stephen Dawson, as part of the “Young Entrepreneur Showcase” exhibit. At the launch, Cameron Thorn was announced as the first director of the academy, with a role to establish the relationships and programming to deliver on the academy’s objectives. Rohan McDougall, Director of Commercialization at Curtin University, says “this new and bold initiative will bolster WA’s education system, nurturing resilient and creative individuals, and fostering a spirit of innovation will bring benefits to the whole community”.

Nicole Lockwood, Chair of the Malka Foundation, is committed to investing in the development of education on entrepreneurship and innovation in WA. The launch of the Young Entrepreneurs Academy Western Australia is a big step in helping young people learn about starting their own businesses. With strong support from Catalyst Create and a group of important partners, YEA WA is ready to make a lasting impact, helping WA young people confidently start and manage their own businesses.