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What’s next for the Plus Eight Sprint Program Cohort?

Apr 18, 2019

Following 6 weeks of hands-on, practical content, participants of the Plus Eight Sprint Program were taught everything from business model development, to customer testing, growth and marketing and finally, funding and pitching. They were taken through the complete process of growing a business, all while being supported by expert mentors and industry professionals. Over the course of the program all the teams have seen significant wins for their business with every team experiencing growth.

But now that they’ve attended their final session, what’s next?

Geared to help startups accelerate growth both domestically and globally, we hope that this diverse group of founders and teams will go on to achieve greatness for their business, as well as inspire and enable others to take part in the thriving innovation culture of Western Australia.

When asked about her journey over the 6 weeks, Jasmin Kronewetter, founder of Indie Guide Perth, told us, “Being able to receive advice from industry experts and learning about frameworks that are recommended and validated by other entrepreneurs will not just save you time initially, but also a fair amount of money in the long run.”

She continues, “I’ve found the guided material and social support immensely helpful, as it allowed for more rapid problem solving, less frustration, and very little of the lonely feeling you get from trying to do it all by yourself.”

Founders that have been a part of the Plus Eight Sprint Program will enjoy access to coworking space for a further month, where they can continue to grow their business alongside like-minded individuals. From here, they can apply for the Plus Eight Accelerator Program, or take the leap and begin running their business in the real world.

Keep an eye on these businesses as they grow throughout Perth and WA.

Constructive Software; a customer portal and 3D online colour selector that will revolutionise the customer experience for house builders.

Evolving Minds, Stress Solutions; a wellbeing program that aligns with workplaces to eliminate or minimise risks to psychological health.

Indie Guide; an online platform for millennials it explore new businesses that resonate with their values, while getting them a bargain, too.

Melt Value; a tailored marketplace for used jewellery

Nexy; providing fast and efficient home services while you are not home, including smart locks that provide remote access to service providers.

Crowd Coach; an online platform for users to create fantasy sports teams.

RTRNA; providing a simple and convenient way for businesses and consumers to eliminate disposable coffee cups.

The Gatherist; a platform providing a one stop shop for organising a gathering and feeding a crowd.

YourChange; YourChange is an online fundraiser that helps community groups with ongoing financial support by online shopping of their supporters through linked retailers.

Interested in scaling your startup business? Learn more about the Sprint program, as well as other Plus Eight programs here.