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Vacationing at work: Gaia Resources enjoy the flexibility of Spacecubed

Aug 9, 2021

Our team at Gaia Resources has been using our coworking facilities for the last couple of years, after moving from our Leederville office into a private office within FLUX. “We’ve written multiple times about how beneficial it is to be in a coworking space, and the last week or so has been a great example of that.” Piers shared.


“As part of our office space within FLUX, we had a space that was going to be a lab of sorts, and the space just didn’t work well for us, but we were in a great community and it was a pretty minor issue,” he explained. “But then as COVID took hold - and we were amazingly supported by Spacecubed during that time - we decided that the space really did need something different done to it. So, we were talking with Ophelie, Chandra and the team at Spacecubed about doing something to mix up our space in FLUX, or potentially even moving to a different one of their spaces.”


Through a codesign process, the team at Spacecubed worked with Gaia to come up with a better use for the space - splitting it up into two smaller offices to give some more flexibility for use as smaller offices and meeting rooms as well.  The codesign process delivered great results for both parties, said Piers; “The renovations were planned, and then - which shows how we’re dealing with a company that actually thinks about the longer term - we were offered the renovations in exchange for an extension of our flexible leasing arrangements.  This was a definite win for both of us!”


As the renovations came around, Piers and the team thought they’d have to spend a week working from home, but quickly remembered that being part of the Spacecubed network gives you access to a range of flexible spaces between Perth and Yanchep. So, they grabbed their laptops, and headed down the road to Fern for the week!


“Fern is a different space from FLUX - it feels different, has a different aesthetic and a different community - and it was fantastic to be welcomed into that space, even just for a week.” Piers shared. “Jordan, the Coordinator at Fern, welcomed me with open arms. I used the powered stand up desks, fancy phone booths (I had plenty of comments asking what spaceship I was in), and I was even able to use the brand new booths that have been set up in the foyer of the adjacent Allendale Square building - which has very convenient table service from Mary Street Bakery.” He continued. “I used a coworking desk for a solid week - and made a few new connections with the locals there, as well as getting time with some of the Spacecubed crew I don’t normally see.”


“While it was exciting to get back to our home based in FLUX, which is fitted out really well now, I do miss a few things from Fern. But that’s the benefit of being a member of Spacecubed - I can simply go back whenever I want to work in Fern, or Riff, whenever it suits. I’ll certainly be holding a range of meetings in those booths in Allendale Square from now on!”


Now in their 17th year, Piers and the team at Gaia Resources feel that coworking and flexible workspaces are critical to the success of business. “Our team across Australia - spread across Perth, Brisbane, Darwin and Hobart - are all located in similar coworking spaces, and we’re always comparing them to the Spacecubed experience. These sorts of places really add value and provide an engaging and great environment for our team, adding a significant positive boost to our culture and environment at Gaia Resources.”  


“You certainly can’t beat locally owned, socially responsible enterprises who look after their customers, and Spacecubed is the standard by which we measure everyone else.” Piers stated.  

To find out more about our flexible workspaces and how the Spacecubed community can help you achieve more, book a free tour today to get started!