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Transforming Ideas Into Successful Businesses with RAC Seedspark

Jul 23, 2018

This year, beginning in February, three lucky startups achieved selection onto the program and all have seen growth at an accelerated rate.

'Up Route' formerly My Guide, a mobile app that helps users plan and share their trips; Anna Powell's 'Yabble', a marketplace where parents can discover, book and pay for after-school activities; and members choice 'Care Collective', an online disability directory providing families with a list of support workers, were the groups chosen to take part on this years program. 

The program provides funding and support to create an idea for a better Western Australia. RAC, in partnership with Perth’s largest entrepreneurial hub Spacecubed, selected the three startups to receive $20,000 in seed funding and participation in RAC’s 2016 Seedspark accelerator program.

"We're very lucky to have been chosen by RAC, Yabble wouldn't be as evolved and be at the stage it is if it wasn't for the Seedspark accelerator," said Anna Powell.

Seperating Seedspark from other accelerator programs is its mentorship exprience, creating and engaging an expansive network and support system enabling ideas to blossom into flourish businesses. 

"The mentor experience has been one of the best parts I'd say, you've got someone there that feels like they're on your team and they're always pushing you to succeed, to achieve goals and overcome obstacles," Anna continued. 

The chosen startups will pitch their transformed ideas, now businesses, to the RAC Seedspark mentors and potential further investors at the end of April 2016, but the connection doesn't finish when the program ends.

"The most rewarding thing is when a mentor is there to celebrate your successes and learnings with you, and to also keep you motivated when things don’t feel like they’re going so well. I’ve learned a lot from my mentor, and he’s really helped keep me focused during this whole process, I've established a much more sustainable connection with the program," Anna concluded.