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The Social Impact Festival 2016

Aug 24, 2018

The Social Impact Festival 2016, hosted by the Centre for Social Impact and The University of Western Australia, aims to quell the notion of opposition and amplify and accelerate the ideas, organisations and collaborations that are making Western Australia a better place for all.

Running a diverse range of events from the 20th to the 27th July 2016 at various Perth locations, the Social Impact Festival will share and diffuse cutting-edge knowledge, strengthen and connect social impact networks and increase the capacity to make WA better for all.

Spacecubed are one of many partners of the week-long event and will be holding the following three events:

  1. Thursday 21st July, 9.30am: Workshop: Social Enterprise in Action
  2. Friday 22nd July, 12.00pm: Workshop: Using Emotion to Demonstrate Impact
  3. Wednesday 27th July 9.30am: Workshop: Bold Experiments to Catalyse 21st Century Organisations

All of the events held at the festival will support one of four themes, these are;

  1. Creating social impact: entrepreneurship, innovation and design,
  2. Demonstrating social impact: research and evaluation
  3. Funding social impact: investment and philanthropy
  4. Lead social impact: organisation, collaboration and systems

With a strong focus on making Western Australia better for all, the Social Impact Festival will bring together people from business, government, community and not-for-profit organisations, Indigenous organisations and enterprise, unions and social enterprises to co-create, learn, connect and build capacity to make change matter.

Check out the event programme here and register your interest - if you're passionate about establishing positive change in WA, this is the event for you.

Engage with us on twitter during the event:

@Space3ed                @CSIsocialimpact

@UWASocialImpact   @UWABusSchool