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The Shark is Coming: Steve Baxter. An Exclusive Spacecubed Members Only Event, WED July 8th

Aug 24, 2018

Known for his no holds barred approach, and as stated by co-host, John McGrath, this tech startup and multi-millionaire “ … really just forensically goes into the details.”

From Daunting Decision to Daring Enterprise

Many will know he risked his first $11,000 at 23 years of age to launch his first startup – from his spare bedroom and is now bringing his brand of wisdom to the West Coast.

Over the last three years he has become a major early-stage investor in Australian startups, and helped to launch companies, which cumulatively boast a valuation of more than $100 million.

Now running River City Labs in Brisbane, a co-working community in Queensland, he states, “one thing you learn very quickly (or if not quickly, very expensively) about early stage investing is that not every deal will bring a return.”

The Kind of Shark You’d Like to See

Steve will be sharing his expertise, knowledge and industry insights exclusively with Spacecubed members. It is no doubt going to be a morning to remember for Perth entrepreneurs.

This event will not be for the faint-hearted. If you are serious about creating and launching a business, this is for you. As Steve told one unsuspecting entrepreneur on Shark Tank, “the problem here, is that you want my full-time money for your part-time attention.”

You can register to become to a member (Sign up here before July 10th and receive 20% off) and this will give you access to Spacecubed’s coworking environment, mentors and rapidly growing startup community.

Why Feedback and Advice are Crucial for Startups.

As Steve explained in a recent BRW interview, “I’ve worked with dozens of startup founders over the years, as a co-founder, investor, and mentor. I’ve found there are no hard and fast rules that determine what skill set or personality types make a successful entrepreneur. However, I have found some common actions that I see successful founders taking, as they endeavour to set up and grow their business.”

Keen to find out if you can go from being an entrepreneur to a founder? Prepared to “ … listen even to the harshest advice?”