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The Bloom Incubator: The business building program aiding your startup

Aug 24, 2018

The Incubator program will run workshops, short talks and collaboration sessions which are aimed at commercialising your startup ideas and avoiding the pitfalls that many early stage startups and business ideas experience. In addition, there is the opportunity to engage with 16 industry experts in mentorship sessions, and graduate through the program with a consolidated network of like-minded young entrepreneurs.

During the program, you will be granted a free Bloom membership, one of your startup co-founder’s will receive a free permanent membership and every other co-founder will have access to a free casual co-working membership.

The Bloom Incubator program will be hosted at St Catherine’s College, on the University of Western Australia campus, and run for 8 weeks starting on Sunday 13th of March 2016. The program will require you to attend 2 sessions per week (8 hours) and at a minimum, one co-founder from each startup needs to attend each session - this will determine the eligibility for prizes.

It’s advised that you attend as many sessions as possible to gain the most valuable information from the experts and mentors. The sessions will finally include a ‘Pitch Night’ giving you the opportunity to pitch your business to peers, industry experts and potential investors.

For more information you can check out the Bloom website, or enquire about the event with any of the Spacecubed staff members.