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Supporting postive change with The Starling Energy team

Oct 11, 2019

In supporting this cause, Spacecubed members Starling Energy, a start-up business who put their money where their heart is and make it easy and affordable for people to take their own action that has a positive impact on household emissions reductions.  

Brian Innes, Energy Consultant, says the business was born from frustration of inaction. “We saw a train called the planet heading towards a cliff and asked one question ‘What could possibly move our energy system which was dominated by governments, bureaucracies and large incumbents in the energy sector?”

The team at Starling knew that rooftop solar was being taken up rapidly, and they knew if they could harness this sentiment they could build a movement made up of millions of small simple choices for people to have a better, cleaner energy and save money.

In response to this, the Starling Energy/Pilco team have been working on the Plico Energy project , and developed a battery driven, community owned Distributed EaaS (Energy as a Service) company that is effectively a virtual power plant.

Participants are provided with a fully serviced and maintained solar energy system including, 5KVA smart-hybrid inverter system, 6.6kW Suntech 275w Solar PV (Photovoltaics) Panels and7.2 kW Pylontech (LiFePo4) Battery. This means participants can power their house at night from the daytime sun, generate up to 90% of their required energy and have a backup when the grid goes down.

Social Enterprise

For every new member to the Plico Project, the parent company Starling Energy Group will give $250 to a not-for-profit association established to support community based sustainable projects. Potentially, this could be nominated to the Spacecubed member community and used for funding incubator projects.

What's Next?

If you want to find out more or to get started, head straight over to the JOIN form on their website. It takes just a couple of minutes and triggers a contract to be sent for review and consideration.

For the next week, Pilco are kindly waiving the $292 mobilisation fee on their systems for Spacecubed members to assist everyone in having access to green, sustainable energy solutions.The Spacecubed team are really excited to have a team who are taking real action on such an important cause as part of the community.