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Spacecubed's goals for 2020: featuring Plus Eight & She Codes

Dec 13, 2019

Over the last 12 months, Spacecubed has experienced growth, challenges and impact through the support of our dedicated and driven Team, Board, our many supporters, partners and of course, our members and community. Without our community seeing what is possible, and working each day to deliver on empowering change, we wouldn't be where we are today and so well setup for future opportunities to deliver more value to members and the community.

Kicking off 2019 with the renovation and move into Riff ground floor, and now with the addition of a new coffee shop and lobby refit everything has really come together to provide an amazing space for our members. 

We’ve been grateful for the opportunity to refine how Spacecubed delivers value to our members with the completion of both FLUX and Riff, as well as the expansion of our programs, and now, with the first iteration of our Platform being rolled out amongst the community.

With an aim to change the way we interact with both spaces and those around us, our Platform aims to better connect our members within the community. We also opened our first managed space with Murdoch University in November which is already bustling with activity. In 2020, we have some new spaces for members to enjoy which we look forward to sharing with you all in the coming months.

Ophelie Cutier, Growth Manager at Spacecubed is running both of these new initiatives. “We are committed to creating tailored, full-serviced workspaces, and pride ourselves on being skilled at integrating people, space and technology.” she shares.

The programs Spacecubed run and support have continued to grow, with West Tech Fest taking place last week which had Spacecubed sponsoring a range of events and programs including the Profound Incubator, Startup Weekend, Freo Startup Fest, Rotto Tech fest and many more. 

2019 has seen She Codes teach over 3,000 women across Australia, taking their one day workshop to Brisbane and across remote WA regions, as well as wrap up their inaugural six month Plus program. As for Plus Eight, we’ve seen another year of growth as five businesses practiced, pitched and pivoted countless times before joining us on stage for our third Demo Day.

As Spacecubed is Western Australian owned and operated, every dollar you spend with us is being put back into supporting WA through the above spaces, programs, platform and the broader WA community. 

You can see that impact in our Annual Report and without you, all the above things would not be possible and we look forward to working with you in 2020. We are always looking to grow our impact so if you would like to partner please feel free to contact us on info@spacecubed.com.