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Spacecubed Welcomes Seven New Intensify Scholars

Aug 24, 2018

The Intensify Scholarship is designed to support Perth-based entrepreneurs in the early stages of their idea development. We all know it can be challenging to get from A to B, and this way it gives projects a kick-start.

Here’s a run down to help you get to know the startups. Please do say hi, catch up over a coffee or during Happy Hour, and share your expertise and journey:

Darren Harlock, Founder of Covocate

Covocate is a job candidate screening system with a difference: the system focuses on providing an easy, online mechanism to measure applicant ‘fit’ with the culture of the hiring workplace.

Bree Kirk-Burnnand, Founder of Happy Healthy Hoops

Our mission is to bring the hula-hoop back. While some people still think of them as toys, hooping is the most fun you can have while getting fit. Work your whole body, toning and tightening all over while having so much fun you won’t even realise you’re exercising!

Kim Green, Founder of SensEdge

SensEdge is medication reminder application that physically places you in front of your medication every day. The target market is anybody with a smart phone who needs to take medication and has trouble remembering to do so on every occasion.

Anthony Manning-Franklin, Founder of Earshot Analytics

The project is a real world event analytics platform. The platform itself – Earshot Analytics – is like Google Analytics, but for entertainment venues instead of websites. The data is gathered from a companion app – Earshot – like Shazam, but for gigs.

Tom Wilson & Josh Hawes (Team of two), Founder of Post Hole Mate

A shovel developed to tackle the problem of clearing backfill when creating footing foundation holes (pylons/fences/post holes/stilt homes etc.)

The ‘Post Hole Mate’ has been designed to:

  1. Clear foundation holes of backfill with ease and speed; and
  2. Compact/flatten the bottom of the hole if necessary.

Asha Stabback, Founder of Power of Circles

A range of service offerings to assist professional women develop the skills and increase their knowledge and provide support to remain energised and care for themselves whilst juggling competing demands at home and at work – primarily through training programs and networking events.

Keep your eyes peeled for updates on our Blog over the next three months to keep up to date with their projects.