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Spacecubed Team Up With Bloom to Better Serve the WA Startup Ecosystem

Mar 2, 2018

This week, Spacecubed and Bloom have signed a passport programme affiliation which further solidifies the relationship between the two Perth based coworking spaces.

Startup WA recently found that while Bloom is aimed at students and graduates from the ages of 18-25, it’s the perfect starting place in entrepreneurship before venturing to Spacecubed with an established early stage business or product.

“We’ve seen real value, with many of our members starting out of Bloom, but also, for many of our members to actively support the entrepreneurship of students and graduates,” Spacecubed’s Community Manager Johnny Doan commented on the partnership.

While Bloom have bases at the University of Western Australia and Curtin University, the latest partnership aids graduate entrepreneurs to use Spacecubed and FLUX as their CBD base should be in Perth or if they have important meetings in the city.

Spacecubed members are also able to connect closer with the student and graduate community, meaning for one day a month, Spacecubed members can utilise Bloom, and Bloom members can use Spacecubed or FLUX - a deal which enhances the opportunities for innovation, startup progress and entrepreneurship to flourish across the whole development phase of a business.

“We’re excited to support the WA Startup ecosystem to a finer degree, and this partnership allows both coworking spaces to join forces, carry out our vision and establish a balance in the startup journey of many West Australians, we’re excited,” Johnny Doan concluded.

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