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Spacecubed Member, Nathanial Bibby, announced as a Finalist for LinkedIn Marketer of the Year

Jul 11, 2019

As the only finalist from WA in his category, it’s not only an incredible opportunity for Nathanial, but exciting to see accomplishments and achievements being noticed across the West Coast. 

Nathanial started his agency Bibby Consulting Group while unemployed, in $20,000 debt and an eviction notice pending on his apartment, after the company he worked for was forced into liquidation.  

Bibby Consulting was the first agency in Australia to specialise in providing training programs and marketing services specifically designed for LinkedIn. Since their inception in 2014, Bibby Consulting has built an impressive client-base including brands like Apple, Westpac, Channel 7, Western Union and many more. 

“Before I started Bibby Consulting, I was working in a sales role and I found traditional sales methods were becoming increasingly ineffective and started using LinkedIn to reach prospects. After successfully generating over 100 leads per month through LinkedIn, I was contacted by the Australian Digital Marketing Institute and invited to create Australia's first LinkedIn course for business professionals.” Nathanial tells us.

“The reason I am a LinkedIn specialist is because it is by far the most effective tool for B2B marketing and prospecting I have seen in my career. If tomorrow door knocking becomes more effective, we will probably pivot to being a door knocking service provider. It's all about the results, that's what we are known for at Bibby Consulting Group and that's what myself and the team are passionate about delivering.”

Bibby Consulting Group now has seven team members who strive to deliver results through this untapped market. “Since the day we opened our doors for business, I’ve strived to deliver the best return on investment for our clients,” Nathanial told us.

When being asked about his time at Spacecubed, Nathanial simply said.

“Spacecubed is a space that has been created from design to operations, with its members in mind. Opening my new office in WA after being located in Melbourne for 8 years seemed like a lot to take on, but Spacecubed made the process easy and enjoyable. Within a week of opening I had a fully equipped office setup, had been introduced to several complementary businesses and was enjoying afterwork drinks on a Friday.”

He continues, “For a startup, it's essential to be around like-minded individuals and to add a social aspect to the working environment. I won't go anywhere else other than Spacecubed when it comes to working in WA.”

The winner of this year’s Social Media Marketing Awards will be announced at a Gala Dinner in Darling Harbour on the 15th of August 2019, after being selected by a panel of judges including executives from Snapchat, Facebook, Hubspot, Instagram, Fox Sports, Microsoft and LinkedIn.

If you’re looking to connect with Nathanial and learn more about his services, you can find him on LinkedIn here.