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Spacecubed & Lotterywest enabling WA’s innovative society to thrive through $5.9 million grant

Lauren Quinn
Jul 22, 2022

In 2012, Spacecubed launched with the support of a $200,000 Lotterywest grant. At the time, this grant was viewed as risky and outside its comfort zone. Since then, Spacecubed has delivered over $4 billion in economic, social and environmental impact for Western Australia and yesterday, Innovation and ICT Minister Stephen Dawson presented Spacecubed with a $5.9 million Lotterywest grant towards the development of a sustainable, smart and innovative society in WA over three years, across three complementary components.


“Supporting an innovative economy is at the heart of the McGowan Government’s ability to diversify WA’s economy. Our Government is committed to ensuring our promising innovators have the support that will help them build strong, viable businesses and create more local jobs.” Innovation and ICT Minister, Stephen Dawson shared.


“Spacecubed is a very impressive WA organisation playing a key role in giving our local innovation sector the support and guidance they need to succeed. Spacecubed is an excellent choice as the recipient of the Lotterywest grant which will provide a major boost to WA’s innovation ecosystem. 


This new support will feed into the work of the $16.7 million New Industries Fund, which has been supporting entrepreneurs and innovators since 2017.”


This Lotterywest grant allows Spacecubed to take what we have learnt over the last ten years and give greater support to the whole innovation ecosystem, as we proactively and intentionally grow our collective impact to support innovative ideas across Western Australia.” Spacecubed Founder and Managing Director, Brodie McCulloch shared.


“If we as a community don’t invest in a smart and innovative society, we will be more susceptible to be impacted by wicked problems and disruption. There needs to be an investment in the skillsets, toolkits and mindsets of West Australians, to not only support individuals to thrive, but to build a more resilient community and economy.” 


The $5.9 million grant funding will enable Spacecubed to create a pipeline of thriving resilient entrepreneurs, innovators and changemakers, as well as build a thriving, resilient and sustainable innovation ecosystem. This will be done by:

  • Developing networks and collaboration across the innovation sector in WA, through the Innovative Society Constellation;
  • Providing research into the state of Western Australia and how it is tracking to create an innovative society through the Innovative Society Index; and
  • Funding the development of innovative ideas at various stages from testing, to enabling and supporting ecosystem proposals through the Innovative Society Fund.


“The collaborative approach to the project is specifically designed to ensure that new ideas are supported at all stages and there is support available for ideas across the state, while the impact of this support is measured over time to assist in attracting additional funding.


“To strengthen Western Australia as a truly innovative society, this project, in partnership with Lotterywest, will ensure that we build a community of resilient and high-impact innovators and change-makers along with a sustainable ecosystem of support for ideas to thrive.” Brodie McCulloch continued.


“Lotterywest is committed to building a better WA through our grants program and Spacecubed is a perfect example of this,” said Lotterywest and Healthway CEO Ralph Addis.


“We are honoured to support Spacecubed in cultivating a culture of entrepreneurship in our great state.


“I’m looking forward to seeing the outcomes of these exciting programs, particularly the ‘Lotterywest IdeaStarter’ which will support early stage innovative ideas that can positively contribute to Western Australia being a smart, innovative society.”


The outcomes of this project will allow the next ten years to have a clear and transparent framework for partners, engagement and decision making to engage and further invest in WA’s innovation ecosystem. It will also aim to grow the funnel of people with ideas, nurturing their mindsets and providing them with the skill sets and toolkits to thrive. 


For more information on Spacecubed’s Innovative Society Initiative, supported by Lotterywest, click here.