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Spacecubed Announce their new Intensify Scholarship Winners

Aug 24, 2018

Firstly, welcome Storm Wyness from Clique Arcade. Storm runs an E-commerce website for local fashion designers to advertise their products through one marketplace. Currently there’s roughly 150 designers using the platform - a great feat for an early stage fashion startup based in Perth.

Storm is joined by Haweya Ismail who runs MUD & MUSK. This is another E-commerce website but this time for DIY Skincare kits, with ingredients sourced from Somalia. Haweya received a $5k grant to develop the website, and then later on a $20k grant to setup the logistics of supporting Somali farmers through fair trade agreements and organic certification.

Zsuzsa Octaviano’s startup idea  is to create bracelets allowing women from slums in developing nations (currently in the Philippines) to educate themselves about menstrual cycles as a way to prevent overpopulation. Quite a unique business, we’re excited to see the progress Zsuzsa makes meeting our Spacecubed community.

Jessica Williamson heads up ete swimwear, a boutique label selling swimwear online, with hand-painted designs. Jessica was also scouted by New York Fashion Week to be part of their show this year.

Victoria Wyatt is our social/creative scholar. She plans to operate a children's Museum in Australia, starting off as a museum on the move and eventually acquiring a space for children-specific charities to run workshops and events in.

Research and viability has been completed and Victoria is now in the business development stage. She has already reached out the other such museums around the world and councils in Australia, all of whom favour the idea - she’s looking for Business Development mentorship so keep an eye out for the progress Victoria makes in this round of the Intensify Scholarship.

Dylan Kimber from YBA Investor. This is a personal financing website based on the concept of learning how to do you own finances while being a community of people who can give you advice.  

Stay tuned in the weeks ahead for more news on how our scholars are progressing.